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Friday, April 6, 2012

Reviews (books/movie) ... The Road to Roo (Kevin Harrison) ... An Arthritic Daily Double ...


The half-Irish/half eye-talian Principessa Ann Marie says if I like a movie, book, play or opera, it’s likely she’ll want to kill herself watching/reading the same thing. When I told her one of my reading assignments this month for the MFA program was Dubliners, she said, “Oh, Christ, you’ll probably love it.”

Bada-boom, bada-bing, she nailed it. I love it. So much so, I’m thinking of forging ahead to Ulysses.

No, not the Cream song, Tales of Brave Ulysses, the book by J.J. The stories that make up this bleak picture of Joyce’s Dublin are open-ended wonders and make me all the more anxious to visit the Emerald Isle some day. If you’re into dark, it’s a cheap enough adventure on Amazon (less than 4 fazools). Which was my favorite? The Dead ... go figure.

The Bad Girl ... author Mario Vargas Llosa does obsession like I’ve never read it before. Spanning several decades, Ricardo Somocurcio’s obsession with the bad girl brings on more heartache and emotional torture than any dozen men should endure. This is an across the globe (as well as time) obsession that includes South America, Paris, Cuba, Japan, back to Paris, Spain and back to Paris once again. Critics claim it is a retooling of Madame Bovary. So now I don’t have to read Madame Bovary? I’ll read it anyway, but this one was worth the two reads I gave it for class. Excellent.

This was a wonderfully (dark) surprise last week when I’d had my fill of the political nonsense forced down our throats daily on television. NetFlix has become my retreat and sometimes I’ll just follow an actor/actress/director, etc ... this time I followed Kate Dickie, a Scottish actress. It’s very suspenseful (because you won’t know why she’s doing what she does until near the end), but it’s well worth the trip. And, yeah, wife, it’s dark too ...

Oy vey ...

Kevin Harrison … I’ve posted about this singer before, but now it’s his Momma & Poppa doing the hawking, so here they are, Mrs. & Mr. Harrison, on their baby boyo ...

From Momma Harrison: Turns out my son, KEVIN HARRISON, is not going to be trying out for American Idol any time too soon, but ... he would love the opportunity to play at Bonnaroo (you know - the rock and roll festival down there in Tennessee), so we could surely use your help in .... “The Road to Roo”

If you’re on Facebook, please consider taking a moment to check out the following site below and cast your vote .. that you believe Kevin Harrison should be in the top ten ranking for an opportunity to play at Bonnaroo!

It’s not too painful a process (I’m not normally a Facebook fan - right Nadine?) and there is some really great music to listen to at the same time. Right under Kevin’s picture, click on the center blue play button. This is who and what you’re voting for Friends!

It’ll be so much fun you’ll want to Vote Every Day .. and you can through April 16th!

As always, thanks for your support,

Linda Harrison

one more thing please...spread the word... SPREAD IT!

From Poppa Harrison (this was my favorite): Hey all ... if you can take the time vote for this guy, then click share. Then tell all your friends to do the same. You can vote every day and for every vote there is a beer on me. (If you can find me) He appreciates the support and I appreciate him getting rich and famous so I can get off the damn UPS truck. Thanks all and pass it on. Happy Easter!

So last week I found out I have cervical arthritis and some arthritis about an inch above my right Achilles heel. So now it hurts to type in certain positions (how fucking convenient is that?) ... and I walk with a limp most of the day. Of course I blame my mother (her genetic makeup) and she blames my football, baseball, weightlifting days ... and, of course, my father.

For those of yous who missed last Monday with Momma Stella, here it is again:

MS: Don’t forget the sfogliatelle Easter Sunday.
Me: (animated) Oh, with the sfogliatelle already! How many times you gonna tell me?
MS: Make sure, you pain in the ass.
Me: Remind me again so I can blow my brains out.
MS: Just don’t forget. And get the other pastries, too. Like when we went to Aunt Fran’s for Thanksgiving.
Me: Forgetaboutit. That place was in Staten Island. I’d have to spend the night before on line.
MS: Well, don’t forget the sfogliatelle.
Me: Ma, you want sfogliatelle for Easter?
MS: (animated) What the hell did I just say?
Me: I forget. What?
MS: (very animated) Oh, Jesus Christ, this kid. Don’t forget the fucking sfogliatelle!
Me: What kind of sfogliatelle?
MS: Go home! Now! Go.

This Sunday I’ll be bringing her the Sfogliatelle, even though she gave me arthritis. How good a son am I?

Forgetaboutit ...


The band audition was put off because the bass player was sick ... so it’s rescheduled for the week after Easter ... time to get in the mood? Sure, why not ... because what drummer doesn’t like playing with his mallets?

I couldn’t embed from Youtube, but here’s the soundtrack.