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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Football Exclusive ... Change We Can Billlieve In! ... Saints get leveled ... Yets & Tebow (oy vey) ...


My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills mean business, baby ... “First, Mario Williams. Now, Mark Anderson. The Buffalo Bills weren't kidding when suggesting how much they wanted to improve the pass rush this offseason. The Bills on Wednesday signed Anderson, their second significant free-agent splash in less than a week.”

With Darius and Williams and Super Mario and Mark Anderson, where (oh, where) is the prime of Miss Tom Brady gonna hide now?

I almost went out and had my other arm tattooed! This is truly Change We Can Billlieve in!

Good on Goodell ... it’s a beautiful thing what Roger Goodell did to the Aints’ (even if it was just to offset the class action suit against the NFL by former players who suffered recurring concussions) ... it’s about time the league took their game serious. Yeah, it’s a violent game played by super humans (super fast and super strong) and that’s all the more reason cheap shots shouldn’t be tolerated. While we wait to see what Goodell does to the players involved, we sure hope Jonathan Vilma gets to join his coach on the sidelines (and effectively end his dirty career).

The only thing left, in TK’s opinion, was to strip the super bowl title from the Aints for 2010 and leave it a blank (no winner), the same as they should officially do to those other Cheaterfaces, the New England Cheatriots for Spygate. For now we’ll all have to settle for every other team in the league NEVER acknowledging both teams super bowl “wins”.

Yets and Tebow ... well, the deal is done and all I can sing is:

Ground Control to Mark Sanchez;
Ground Control to Mark Sanchez,
Take your protein pills and put your earplugs in.
(ten) Ground Control (Nine) to Mark Sanchez (Eight)
(Seven, six) Commencing crash down (Five), engines off (Four)
(Three, two) Check your parachute (One) and may God’s (Uh-oh) love be with you.

This is ground control to Mark Sanchez, you really are screwed.
The papers want to know what t-shirts Tebow wears.
Now it’s time to leave the pocket if you dare.

This is Mark Sanchez to ground control, I’m running a QB draw
But nobody is blocking and I’m suddenly on the floor.
And the stars look very different today.
Here I am sitting on my cute ass, far, far from a first down.
Tebow’s in the game and there’s nothing I can do.

Though I’m the $40 million man, the crowd is calling for Tim;
I think my Jets are his!
Tell Rex I loved him very much, the fat bastard, you know.
Ground control to Mark Sanchez, you’re being pulled.
Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?
Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?
Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?

Here I am sitting on the sidelines;
Tebow’s in the game.
We’re 8-8 all over again;
The line wouldn’t block, they really hurt my head.

This is ground control to Mark Sanchez,
the Jets screwed you to the wall.
The crowd wants Tim and there’s nothing you can do.

Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?
Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?
Can you hear them Mark Sanchez?

And so on ...

It’ll be interesting to say the least ... I can just hear the Moonachie Green fans now ... Sanchez throws a pick-six and the crowed begins to rumble ... Te-bow! Te-bow! Te-bow!

Rex Ryan, et al, have proved they can’t control their team, they have big mouths they haven’t backed up (no rings, there’s nothing to talk about) ... they fell apart last season and now that they’ve brought Santonio (pain in the ass) Holmes back (great teammate, eh?), they’ll have their Moonachie Green fans screaming for Te-bow every time Captain Check-Down (my son Dustin’s name for Sanchez) throws a pick. Great team management there, Moonachie Green.

Even Joe Willie Namath was shocked ... “I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there.”

So, yes, it’s official, the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets are now the dumbest organization in all of sports.

Of course the really sucky thing now is we all have to sit through 162 pointless games so MLB can get to its yearly tournament of also-rans (the teams with the best records hardly ever play in the last round). Oy vey ... it’s like sitting through a coma.

Go Bills!


Check this video out, Bowie (which is close to Tebow) is wearing a Chia Pet on his head.