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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Don and his Dame ... the Stephinator ... Reading at KGB ... Rough Riders out the door ...


That's the Don (Dustin) and his Dame (Madalynn) out for a night at the opera. The youngest Stella brat visited the Metropolitan Opera House this evening and attended his first unforced opera ... the greatest opera of all, Don Giovanni. The first time I forced all three Stella brats to attend an opera, two (the boys) promptly fell asleep and the third (Nicole) was hooked. All three attended one more with the phat Dad a few years back but I honestly don’t remember which opera. Charles and his bride, Leslie, came with Ann Marie and the ugly one (moi) to see La Boheme at the Amato opera house a few years ago. So, this is pretty record setting for the famiglia Stella ... one of the boys, without a gun to his head, is stepping into the world of opera (or checking it out) ... I hope the Don and his Dame have a great time (and manage to sneak in some drinks of their own to avoid the 1%er refreshment prices).

The Stephinator ... domani Stephanie Milligan is driving down from the great state of New Hampshire (which will be featured in my next crime novel after Rough Riders) to do something illicit, no doubt, in Manhattan (her license plate suggests it might be subversive) ... but then she’ll be visiting with both Potty Mouth Mae and yours truly (and I’m not telling my wife so I don’t have to clean my friggin’ writing room) ... Stephanie is a published poet and one cool woman. We look very forward to the visit.

March 11, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Scott Wolven’s stories have appeared in The Best American Mystery Stories seven years in a row, which marks the most consecutive appearances since Houghton Mifflin began the Best American series in 1915. Wolven is one of only fifteen living authors to be selected for The Best American Noir Of The Century, by guest editor James Ellroy and series editor Otto Penzler. His collection of short stories, Controlled Burn, was selected for the fiftieth anniversary list of Books To Remember by The New York Public Library. Controlled Burn was selected as Best First Fiction by Poets & Writers and received awards from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He has been called a Master Of Noir by Library Journal and his novel False Hopes is forthcoming from Grove/Mysterious Press, along with his second collection of short stories, Hundred Proof.

Shanna McNair is the founding editor and publisher of The New Guard. Publications include Maine Magazine, Naugatuck River Review, Village Soup Times, and Fact-Simile. She was a Summer Literary Seminar 2010 fellowship recipient for work in both fiction and poetry. McNair is an award-winning journalist, works in the visual arts, and performs music. She lives in Knightville, Maine.

The London Express has called Michael Kimball “one of the finest new exponents of the classic thriller.” Kimball’s 1996 novel Undone received the Fresh Talent Award in the U.K. and rose to #4 on the London Times’ bestseller list. Together with Mouth to Mouth, Green Girls, and Firewater Pond, Kimball’s novels have been translated into 13 languages and read worldwide. Stage plays include Ghosts of Ocean House, nominated for the 2007 Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America, and The Secret of Comedy, recently seen at the Abingdon Theatre. “The best suspense stories are the ones that creep up on you, breathe on your neck and jump back into the shadows when you turn around. Michael Kimball plays that game with unnerving skill.” – New York Times Review of Books

From Publishers Weekly ... it takes a finely tuned ear to write dialogue that rings true, and Charlie Stella (Charlie Opera, etc.) has it. With his hapless crooks and wry humor, he belongs in line behind Elmore Leonard and Donald E. Westlake. Stella remains a master of creating complex and believable characters. Stella has quickly become one of crime fiction’s leading lights. His latest novel, Johnny Porno, is available from Stark House.

About the Series: KGB Bar Sunday Night Fiction

The KGB Bar Sunday Night Fiction showcases the finest in contemporary fiction from new and emerging writers.

Rough Riders is officially out the door and the focus turns to Jimmy Mangino (a ten year sequel to Jimmy Bench-Press) ... Jimmy has finished his 10 years sentence for a RICO charge and is sent to an island off the coast of New Hampshire to clip a former mobster in the witness protection program (hiding in an MFA program?) ... oy vey ... isn’t anything sacred?


Come on, how can we not do this ... I used one of my favorite exchanges between the Commendatore and DG as the epigraph for Eddie’s World. The Commendatore tells DG to repent and DG tells him where to shove it (so to speak) ...

Pentiti, cangia vita: E l’ultimo momento!
Repent, change your life: Your final moment has come!
- Il Commendatore

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