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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ricky Gervais ...


"It must be good because it was nominated, so shut up."

Imagine being irreverent about awards? Frankly, I thought it was a beautiful thing, but it seems that some of the “cool” people in Hollywood were upset at having fun poked at them this past Sunday night. It made some of them uncomfortable. These, some of them, are totally okay with poking similar and/or more harsh fun at those with contrary political views ... and they’ll laugh as hard as the next guy/gal when the person taking the funny hit isn’t one of them (or one of their ilk) but let someone have a laugh at their expense and ... well, the guy telling the joke gets the ax.

It’s our ball and if you don’t play by our rules, you don’t get to play.

Isn’t that what dictators do when someone makes them unhappy?

So much for freedom of speech.

The politics of awards (any awards not based on statistics) remain subject to what the gatekeepers regard as sacrosanct and woe unto those who poke fun at it.

Now, truth be told, even the ugly one cringed a few times at Mr. Gervais’ (and Mr. De Niro’s barbs/jokes ... I even felt sorry for that crazy Mel Gibson fella a moment or two ... but I did get over it and pretty fast. It's not like Mel Gibson didn't deserve it). Is it possible the Hollywood crowd is getting a little stiff in their older ages? These are people who earn gazillions of dollars for their work and sometimes their work is great and way more often it is pure garbage. Foreign movies, let’s face it, are usually much better. On the whole, no matter what the Hollywood anointed produce, they’re still getting those gazillions of dollars to produce it. Doesn’t that permit the rest of us to have a laugh at their expense?

I cringed a few times Sunday night and then was pissed off Monday afternoon when I read Gervais was fired (or precluded from doing future Golden Globe nonsense). I now have a lot more respect for Gervais for not playing “by the rules” expected of him. The wife and I loved his EXTRAS show on HBO and thought the funniest moments came when high profile actors/actresses made fun of themselves. Kate Winslet & Ben Stiller immediately come to mind. Those were some very funny scenes.

Ms. Winslet:

Mr. Stiller:

So God bless Ricky Gervais ... and Kate Winslet ... and Ben Stiller ... and irreverence in general, the gatekeepers be damned.