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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talk to the hand … Non-steroid steroids … Blizzard … DOC says ...


Talk to the hand ... Sarah Palin is back and she’s thinking about a run for the Presidency ... I doubt the present White House could want anything more than Palin running for the Presidency (but I’m sure they’ll take her taking the lead in spewing her brand of patriotism in her very limited talking points vocabulary). What will be interesting to see is how the mainstream GOP handles madam hot but dumb as rocks. Last week she was going off on President Fredo for his use of Teleprompters while looking at her hand for the notes she’d written in her palm. Ironic? Disingenuous? Duplicitous?

Nothing so bad as her angst over the word “retard” and how she wanted Rahm Emanuel to resign for saying something her own party leaders use as often as Knucks uses “cocksucker”. See below article from JD Rhoades hometown newspaper and blog (the pictures are TK's):

Emanuel apologized for his negative comment, but that wasn’t enough for Palin, who wrote: “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities - and the people who love them - is unacceptable, and it’s heartbreaking.”

Doggone right. I’m glad to see that Gov. Palin is taking a stand against the use of the word “retarded” to describe liberals. I look forward to her demand for the immediate firing of conservative radio host Michael Savage, who is constantly referring on his show to “liberal retards.”

I also look forward to her calling for the immediate banning from the airwaves of conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who once wrote of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “Is no one going to remark on what a great country it is where a mentally retarded woman can become speaker of the House?”

Coulter is actually pretty fond of using the word; she referred to talk show host Bill Maher’s audience as “MoveOn retards.” And in an interview on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program, she referred to former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan as “retarded.” “It’s not offensive, it’s accurate,” Coulter insisted when challenged on it by allegedly liberal co-host Alan Colmes.

Hannity, it should be noted, never said a mumblin’ word. So maybe Ms. Palin should be calling for his resignation, too.

The full JD Rhoades article here.

There’s one chance in hell right now for President Fredo to return to the White House in 2012 ... and Sarah Palin is it.

Non-steroid steroids … that’s right, amici, you heard it here second; the ugly one isn’t doing anything illegal. I was corrected by one of yous (Dr. Don Kirkendall) over the weekend on my steroid article.

I wrote this: “The carpal tunnel pain disappeared within 3 days of taking the steroids (the prescription is a one week supply, decreasing each day).”

Here now the truth (from Dr. K): "That’s the dosing for corticosteroids (an anti-inflammatory drug), not an anabolic steroid (that stimulates protein synthesis, i.e. a muscle builder).

The word ‘steroid’ is a statement of the chemical structure of the molecule (shaped by a combination of pentagons and hexagons) and all those little doodles coming off the corners define the specific compound. Any number of hormones are shaped like this. Anything with the root ‘-ster’ or ‘-sterol’ (like estrogen, progesterone, aldosterone [that’s pronounced al-DOS-terone, not ALDO-sterone-that’d be a character in your next book]) is shaped like that. Here’s what one corticosteroid looks like. Here’s what an anabolic steroid looks like. Most develop from the metabolism of cholesterol. They all look alike, don’t they? That’s why organic chemists are so well paid - they read that stuff like the rest of us read English.

Corticosteroids aren’t banned by any organization that I know of, but most organizations do want to know who is taking them (the athlete applies for a TUE - a therapeutic use exemption).

Corticosteroids are probably the most widely used prescription drug in sports. They do have some ergogenic effects, mostly tied to the cardiovascular system. You’d be surprised that the prevalence of exercise-induced asthma (also treated with a corticosteroid) in athletes is way higher than the normal population (wink, wink . . . I’m sure it over-diagnosed just to get the TUE and take the drugs). Never heard of any ‘roid rage’ on corticosteroids."

Me again, amici ... okay, so I’m just a cranky old fat man (assume that's me above in the final stages of cancer), but I have regained the 8 pounds I lost and haven’t eaten nearly as much as that usually requires and I’ll know better tonight (when I lift heavy) but I’m guessing (from my last 2 workouts) that I’ll get it done tonight and if so, it’ll be a significant increase in where I should be at this point.

Will the good doctor be my expert testimony when I have to defend my successful defense of the old, very fat, state championship (assuming, of course, like last year, nobody else lifts in the (my) old, very fat, state division) is the question?

Blizzard ... talk about your snow jobs ... what’s up with kids today? Where are they when it snows? How come they’re not out with shovels in hand looking to earn some coin? Isn’t there, like, 10% unemployment?


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And the DOC says ...

Well, Chaz, now it seems like you have sold out completely.

What is with the long cut-and-pastes from JD Rhoades blog? If we wanted to read his knucklehead ideas we would go to his knucklehead website. We come here to listen to your knucklehead ideas.

And that whole nonsense about "well they are called steroids, but they are not really steroids" it just makes you sound like all the professional athletes who got caught with their hands in the stash bag. Essentially, you compete in an age and weight class that precludes any actual humans from competing and yet you are shooting steroids to maintain your prestigious position in the "Old Fat Guy Division". It's just so sad.

Now why does everything the lovely Sarah does so infuriate those on the panty-wearing left. She writes five words on her hand and suddenly she is a babbling moron. Obama goes to speak to a sixth grade class and he brings his freaking teleprompters. You need teleprompters to talk to 12 year olds?

Except for her voice, I love Sarah, but if the Repubicans pick her to run in 2012 I will be furious, but how about if we try someone who did not graduate from the same three Ivy League schools. We keep picking our fruit from the garden of douchebag delights and then act surprised when the new asshole acts just like the old asshole. We're dealing with a grab bag where all the gifts suck. Let's demand a new grab bag.

I think the Tea Party will be a force to be reckoned with in upcoming elections and I believe that Sarah will emerge as the queen of the Tea Party. I don't want them to run their own candidates and splinter the conservative movement between Republicans and Tea Partiers, but I want the Republicans to ask for input from the Tea Party about who to run. I mean, hell, the Republicans are just out of touch enough to consider running McCain again. "He came so close last time". I'm tired of voting for the guy who sucks less.

Snow jobs: Remember your last party, where only me and the Salahis showed up. Well, the next day I was digging out my driveway and this gentleman walked up to me and offered to help me shovel. From his accent I guessed he was probably from Hyderabaad, India. Yes, Chaz, the snow shoveling jobs too have been outsourced.

Have a good week, buddy-boy