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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Interview with a King ... Knucks NFL Predictions ... me and Karl Rove ... Crimes in Southern Indiana ... Mr. Kostoff’s boy ...


This year in the NFL ... do yous really need me to detail this? Somehow I can hear Doc yelling “No, no, no!”

It’s simple really, the Lions will be the surprise team in the NFC, but the Pack will be back for a second straight year with a ticket to the dance. While my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills struggle to find four wins on their schedule (hopefully 2 against the Patriots), TK’s best guess for the AFC title this season goes to ... the Steelers of Pittsburg.

In the meantime, Go Lions! Go Bills!

A disciple of Karl Rove ... the politics of Stella has frustrated many a blog out there over the years. He's been accused of everything from the “new voice of right wing America” (a few years ago) to a Karl Rove disciple (this past week) for allegedly using Karl Rove's playbook. Those comments most often come from liberal democrat bloggers who can’t criticize their president(s) beyond admitting they are “disappointed” with him. In actuality, I suspect it’s frustration born of fear of the other major party; if Obama loses, the crazies will take over.

As if Obama hasn’t acted just like one of the “crazies” since he’s been in office.

The slew of editorials condemning his performance (or lack thereof) have been very telling. Just this morning I read one by Maureen Dowd (One and Done?), Paul Krugman, (Weakness), Frank Bruni, (Pass, Fail Politics). Last week it was a devastating blow landed by Cornell West (King Weeps from the Grave) a day or so after Maxine Waters issued a warning we know she can’t stand by (because of partisan politics).

Yet, lemming loyalists point accusatory fingers the other way. “But the other guys are crazy!”

Maybe, but ... and it's a big but, amici ...

I’m not sure how Obama’s speech will affect our miserable jobs situation (partly because I’ll be watching the Packers-Saints game), because it doesn’t seem to matter what the rhetoric, the man can’t (or won’t) get anything done for those of us who have to work to survive. Yous can blame the other party being thick knuckleheads determined to dump him or the fact he was naive when he came to office or claim he’s the victim of racism or whatever ... the bottom line, in NFL terminology (since he yielded to a Republican request (AGAIN) to switch nights for his speech and he’s chosen to try and buck the opening game of the NFL season (one of the few things some in this country have to look forward to), I thought it appropriate to go there and use NFL speak ... Obama has become the Boz (Brian Bosworth) of Presidents (a HUGE BUST).

To be fair to liberal democratic blogs, I’ve also been called red through and through and that special brand of Ayn Rand “evil” at conservative sites I haunt. I do believe in the greater good first and foremost. I don’t believe that anyone who wants a communal or socialist economy is lazy ... or that they do not want to work or that they want to be taken care of by a nanny state (certainly not the way corporations are cared for by this government). While it would be nice if we didn’t need any form of government at all and figured out how to get along helping each other, the switch from capitalism to socialism or any other economy other than a master-slave economy will require a shit storm of protest/revolution; those with the power aren’t going to be giving it away without a fight. It’s just an opinion, amici. It’s probably as valuable as my super bowl predictions, but it isn’t about to be backed down by name calling (which has become the only message of too many liberal democratic blogs (because what they've decided they can't live without (Obama) has become too embarrassing?

Frankly, the name calling does me proud ... and provides a pretty good belly laugh ... and I have one big-ass belly.

Look, chances are the powers that be in this country aren’t going to let go of the reigns without some middle-east like demonstrations/revolutions. The government is there to serve corporate America. Not middle America, not poor America, not suburban America or anybody else but corporate America. The business of America remains business, much to our demise. As we fast approach third world status (I got that from the Barry Graham interview at Ben Whitmer’s blog and I fully agree), the toys and gadgets that keep too many of us (especially our children) brain dead to the reality all around us will sooner or later lose their effect (even the brain dead have to eat) and there will be a price to pay. Unfortunately, in this global economy, the powers that be can hop a plane and vámonos before they’re heads roll. But they’ll still have to leave behind a country rich enough in natural resources and manpower for all of us to do what’s right for each other rather than subject ourselves to struggling the bulk of our lives for someone else’s profit.

So much for hope and change.

Jeremy Kostoff ... I came across this video in one of my favorites collections ... Lynn Kostoff is a great writer ... and he has a beautiful wife (Melanie) and they produced a pulitzer of a son, Jeremy. As I was going through my video favorites in search of an opera aria for this post, I typed in something (people doing the right thing) and up popped this wonderful video below. Jeremy Kostoff is a genuine gem (someone who thinks “outside the box”) and someone who can AND DOES deliver the goods. Enjoy, amici ...