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Monday, September 26, 2011

How ‘bout those Buffalo Bills!


They’re still partying up in Buffalo ... and this 18 second video says it all ...

Last night the ugly one broke out the Chivas and did some damage as my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills dealt out some revenge against the Cheatriots of New England, their prima donna QB, their nefarious coach (who was caught filming other team defenses and had to pay an out-of-(Kraft’s)-pocket fine) and their always annoying fans ...

After spotting them 21 points in the first half, when owner Robert Kraft’s payoffs to officials was most evident with all the penalty flags thrown against us (you tackle Wes Welker a little too hard and you get a flag ... you stare at Miss Brady a little too long and you get two flags, etc.). Even with the under the table envelope Kraft slipped the refs for the first half (assuming his statistic machine wouldn’t blow the free 21 points), our beloved New York State Buffalo Bills were not to be denied.

We still had to play the second half ... and the stampede was on!

The prima donna was picked off not once ... not twice .... not three times ... but four times (count’em again), with the last one going back to the house for a score. And did yous see Miss Brady giving chase on that one? Sweet Jesus, Tom, don’t put yourself out or anything, you might get turf toe ...

Before the start of the season, the big mouth from New Jersey, fatso Rex Ryan, asked the rest of the NFL to beat the Cheatriots.

Listen, you fat fuck, we not only beat the Patriots, we’re gonna whip your fat ass too. That pathetic offense (ground and pound this) and Swiss cheese defense (how many rushing yards did you give up yesterday?) is no match for the stampede.

And the Stampede is on!

Go Bills!