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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Around the world with Temporary Knucksline ...

Rigoletto wags his tail … I’m not sure if there’s doggie karma out there or not, but when Eaglettte QB/dog torturer-killer Michael Vick was shaken up with a slight concussion last week, Rigoletto’s tail started wagging like somebody dropped a fresh cut T-bone steak on the floor.

Tony Romo’s ribs … there’s no denying the gutsy performance by Romo against the San Francisco Rice-a-Roni Treats last week. As Ali G might say, “Big ups to him.”

At home, my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills continue to leave NFL pundits scratching their heads. This week it’ll be the Cheatriots (the moniker borrowed from my son, Dustin) who fall victim to the stampede … Bills won’t need to circle the wagons this week. We owe the cheaterfaces … it’ll be a blowout, 43-24.

I heard something about baseball this week but didn’t catch all of it. It’s almost the end of the season that never ends … until November. Just think, if MLB could figure out a way to stretch it so baseball playoffs contended with NFL playoffs, it (baseball) would be even less relevant.

That said, my short story Tiant-McClain for the MFA program requires I replay all of the 1965 baseball season the old fashioned way (rolling dice) … okay, so maybe just the opener between Cleveland and Detroit, but I’ll have to record some of the game as it’s broadcasted.

The wife says, “Don’t ask.”

Speaking of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, the land of “All men are created equal” has finally done away with that particular stain on our severely stained national landscape, although some states still cling to the sanctity of marriage (not to mention the sanctity of a record divorce rate) as that between a man and a woman … so much for that constitutional bumper sticker owning up.

Asleep at the wheel … Some people have finally had enough and took to Wall Street in New York to protest those behind our government for big business by big business. Of course there was very little media coverage (they too are big businesses). The hope that the riots in the Middle East (where those shit on by government had finally had enough) might spread to our shores has faded fast. We’re obviously much too happy with what Democrats and Republicans have been doing to us to even consider breaking away from either party, never mind find fault with the economic system that owns both of them. We remain (faithfully, apparently) asleep at the wheel …

Wednesday there was a lot of noise at the U.N. over Palestinian statehood. More concerned with Hamas and his own backyard than the plight of President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was there to declare statehood. When shown how voiceferous Obama has been defending the Palestinian cause on MSNBC cable show, Morning Joe, a Palestinian diplomat said, “Yes, he promised us a lot and has yet to deliver on anything.”

Sound familiar?

Oy vey …

Then Joe Scarborough went on to poke fun at Rick Perry for seeming to have problems with the word “precipice” in his speech denouncing Obama and pledging undying loyalty to Israel (and that Jewish vote in the key state of Florida) …

What is it with Republican Governors and their inability to speak the mother tongue?

Oy, oy, oy, oy va-va-va-vey …

Then they (Morning Joe) picked on Michele Bachmann’s assault on Obama’s foreign policy while standing in a meat freezer (with cow carcasses hanging in the background). Then they switched back to Sarah Palin’s famous speech while a turkey was being whacked directly behind her.

Something tells me if Bachmann gets knocked a little dizzier than she already is, Rigoletto’s tail will be wagging to beat the band again …


Sing it, Freddy ... Oh, Momma mia!