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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More kind words ... Marilyn & Me ... President Spock ... Obama & New Orleans ... DOC says ...


The kind words are still in the air and we couldn't be more appreciative ... in this CRIME SCENE SCOTLAND issue, we're part of the roundup with some GREAT company (Vickie Hendricks, Dave Zeltserman, Stuart MacBride, John Connolly, Thomas Kaufmann and William Ryan). We've reviewed Hendricks and Zeltserman here at TK and insist they're both must reads.

Crime Scene Scotland on Johnny Porno: "Stella’s novel is intricately plotted, with a cast of fully realised characters and a sly humour that runs just beneath the surface but never undercuts the reality of his writing. Johnny Porno is Stella’s seventh novel, and its his most mature and most convincing yet. If you haven’t discovered Stella yet (and if you haven't, what's your excuse?) you need to start, now."

Johnny Porno ... Rambles has some kind words about JP ... in a nutshell “What Stella does best is move you into the center of a world, in this case, the outer boroughs of New York City in the early '70s, introduce you to a subculture, minor-league mobsters and the cops who either profit off of them or try to shut them down, and let you experience what it must have been like in there. It's a trip worth taking.”

Order Johnny Porno here ...

6/1/26 & 56 ... that’s right, amici, me and Marilyn Monroe ... two beauties born on the same day. Alright, so one beauty and one beast. Today I celebrate with my second straight day of flexiril and percocet (the prescription from the ER nurse practitioner), which means I sleep through the day ... and probably tomorrow and the day after that.

President Spock ... Maureen Dowd hammered Barry again this weekend in the New York Times ... the more crisis Obama faces, the more inept he proves himself. Even Tom Brokaw suggested what Clinton (the President) faced as a Governor of Arkansas at least prepared him somewhat for the White House. Barry hasn’t faced genuine opposition until he was inaugurated as President ... and so far he’s proved himself what DOC calls him: President Fredo.

Obama and New Orleans ... also from the above-mentioned Maureen Dowd article: "Even if Obama doesn’t watch Treme on HBO, it’s strange that he would not have a more spontaneous emotional response to another horrendous hit for Louisiana, with residents and lawmakers crying on the news and dead pelicans washing up on shore. But then, he didn’t make his first-ever visit to New Orleans until nearly a year after Katrina hit.'I never had occasion to be here,’ he told The Times’s Jeff Zeleny, then at The Chicago Tribune.”

Once again, TK can only hope Treme extends into the Obama administration so it doesn’t come off as a great show with a fugazy political agenda.

This short rift took two days to write ... and those percocets are kicking in again ... it’s back to bed for the ugly one ... the back pain seems to be fading slightly (emphasis on SLIGHTLY) ...


and the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

I’m sorry you didn’t like “Angels and Demons”. I somehow thought that selling a gazillion books and making buckets of money would appeal to you. Due to a lack of sensitivity I never realized how seriously you adhered to your vow of poverty. With Dan Brown’s money, you might be able to get an automobile you can actually fit in. I think the army calls it a “deuce and a half”.

So, Al Gore and the missus are going to break up. That is just shocking. Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to that fat, pedantic, depressing bastard every day?

The Bamster is getting pounded on the BP oil spill. When Maureen Dowd turns her sights away from Bush/Cheney you know Fredo has hit rock bottom. To combat the oil spill Fredo has enlisted the aid of legendary film director James Cameron. After all, he has made movies that have a lot of water in them… “The Abyss” and “Titanic” (no comment), and the oil spill involves a lot of water. Sounds like a perfect solution to me. If nothing else, he can film a sequence in which large blue people swim down to a fictional oil leak and stop it with a ginormous wad of chewing gum. Then Chris Matthews and Mo Dowd can jump back on the bandwagon.

In a similar move, the Commander of U.S. troops in the Middle East will be George C. Scott and the oriental actress from “Grey’s Anatomy” will take over as Surgeon General of the United States.

Paul McCartney will be performing at the Bamster’s weekly, Wednesday “Let Them Eat Cake” soiree. He says Fredo is a great guy and we should stop picking on him. Hey Paul… STFU. You’re almost 70 years old and you’re not “the cute one” anymore. Obviously, Paul is shooting to be the new “Hair Dye Czar”.

If this letter doesn’t seem that funny, take another Percoset. It took me 3 Percs to write it.

Feel better, big guy