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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day ... Yachting anyone? ... Mr. Apology ... The Band ... a Real Band ...


First off, Happy Father’s Day to all a yous fathers out there. Salute.

Second (but really first), Rigoletto was doing great yesterday until he must’ve become too excited and hurt his back again. His hind legs collapsed the same way they had last week and he was panting from pain the next few hours. Hopefully the painkillers do their job today and until he undergoes the surgery to remove the bad disc. Ann Marie, who has been sleeping with the Rigoletto Monster since he’s home on an air mattress in the living room (and has hardly taken a break from being with him), was very despondent at what happened yesterday. This morning, however, he was able to walk a few feet again. Hopefully the hospital won’t hold him too long before he gets the surgery. We hope to bring him in Monday or Tuesday night for an early morning surgery the next day.

Tony Hayward ... it’s good to know Mr. Hayward was so shaken by his “grilling” on Capitol Hill that he saw it fit to race his 52 foot yacht the other day. Boy, President Obama really took him out to the woodshed, didn't he? That’s one tough leader we have there.

Or maybe Tony was celebrating on his yacht because BP’s stock surged after the announcement of the $20 billion compensation fund ... you know, the one where it is now estimated that the cost of compensation will be closer to $200 billion (if it was ever really enforced). Way to go Fredo!

Joe Barton ... Mr. Apology is the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce committee? Holy fucking shit! Even I’d vote for the Democrat running against this putz. Looks like the Shakedown has been on the poor bastards that voted him into office.

The Band ... below are excerpts from Cliff (bass/guitar) and Charlie’s (drums) short practice session:

Charlie: You gonna tune that thing all day?

Cliff: Why don’t you stick your tongue between the hi-hat cymbals?

Charlie: Seriously, why don’t you leave the knobs on the fuckin’ amp alone for two minutes. Maybe we could get through an eighth of a song that way.

Cliff: Why don’t you go back to the bathroom and paradiddle yourself?

Charlie: Why don’t we go down and eat now?

Cliff: Right, there’s something you can handle.

A real band ... we found this playing on the internet yesterday (in search of the Allman Brothers, Not My Cross To Bear. The kid on the guitar is 18 ... and that drummer is smooth. Let’s hear it for The Beale Street West Band.

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