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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Excuse the Angry Venting, but today I can’t handle anymore bullshit. DOC says ...


Axelrod on Meet the Press ... and here I thought Paul Begala could talk some shit. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, David Axelrod said: “He went down there and stood, I remember, on--shortly after the incident, in the pouring rain on a Sunday morning and, and spoke to the need to hold BP accountable ...”

Somebody please tell me we’re not supposed to be extra impressed that President Obama had to weather a rain storm.

The pouring rain ... the poor man. I hope somebody had a towel for him to dry off afterward.

And, oh, by the way ... The president flew to the Gulf Coast Sunday 12 days after the oil platform exploded and sank ...

Ah, but it was pouring rain outside on that 12th day.

This is no defense of George Bush’s 7 minute delay in response to a terrorist attack on the country, but it is odd that the delay in this crisis seems to have taken an awful long time to notice ...

Until this week, that is ... for one, Ms. Dowd seems much less seduced by The One lately: ... and even the Times Editorial is showing some angst at The One: The president cannot plug the leak or magically clean up the fouled Gulf of Mexico. But he and his administration need to do a lot more to show they are on top of this mess, and not perpetually behind the curve. For the record, that’s just what Temporary Knucksline mentioned just a few days ago ... how Obama seems so goddamned clueless until AFTER the facts.

The Republicans ... and this clown act of a political party needs to stay off the airwaves and focus on figuring out what it is they really want. They don’t get to talk out of both sides of their mouths; either they are against government regulation or they’re for it. They don’t seem to be able to make up their mind. While this disaster is the one they were politically hoping for (to cash in on) and Obama is making it easy for them (the same way Democrats embraced and continue to embrace George Bush’s mishandling of Katrina and his wars), they (Republicans) need to accept the fact that sometimes Government aid is REQUIRED, especially when so many in the Gulf region are so economically dependent on the oil industry. Seriously, you guys are falling all over yourselves. It was deregulation that caused the financial and the Gulf Oil disaster(s) and you don’t get to make believe it wasn’t. And let’s quit jerking ourselves off about why we went to war. As someone who initially supported both of them, I’ve been thoroughly embarrassed about that since 2006. You don’t get to support that bullshit anymore either, not while you’re complaining about a budget deficit. No fucking way.

You’d think the performance of these two loser parties (Republicans and Democrats) which is so stunningly alike (Bush & Obama) at this point, would mandate a third, fourth, fifth and sixth party stage sharing scenario when it comes to political debates for ALL ELECTIONS, but certainly for the Presidential Stage. At this point, what we’ve gotten from our two great major parties is yet another version of Dumb and Dumber (and, yes, they are certainly interchangeable, aren’t they?).

But according to Obama Blind Faithers, this is the guy we need to pay attention to.

Some Democrats will defend their President to the point of ignoring what's going on around them by pointing out what a retard Glenn Beck is (but feel free to substitute or add Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, etc.). Right, we should care about this Beck clown while the Gulf continues to be swamped with oil, those “stimulated” continue to hoard the money WE gave them and not provide jobs to the unemployed, the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate in numbers of American troops AND numbers of American troops killed (and those reports continue to disappear from major news media outlets), bailed out businesses continue to flourish (rewarding management with record bonuses while outsourcing OUR jobs), gays still can’t tell when asked (but shouldn’t be asked), nor can they marry (which classifies them as second class citizens under OUR CONSTITUTION), there’s no such thing as national health insurance, but rather, 33,000,000 more customers for the Health Insurance Industry, the “oversight” of the banking industry almost precluded their CEO’s from telling us all to fuck off during Congressional hearings (they were so overwhelmed with “regulations”) etc., etc., etc.

Not to worry about any of that stuff, amici ... it’s Glenn Beck we have to worry about.

Seriously, do blind faithers EVER deal in reality?

Here’s a clue ... not only is Dick Cheney not in charge (or George Bush) ... neither is Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or, dare I say it, Glenn Beck.

At this point, I’m all for a beneficent dictator ...

Again, please excuse the angry venting. Today I can’t help it; sometimes the bullshit is extra hard to swallow.

Here’s something that always makes me feel better ... Peter Erskine on drums. I tried this several times and dropped the sticks more often than I ever came close to sounding anything like Mr. Erskine.


And the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

I feel your pain, brother. You have to zone in on the key phrase… “in the pouring rain”. It took 12 days, but the Chosen One was standing on the beach in the pouring rain. Now, what can’t you do in the pouring rain?


Look on the bright side. If it hadn’t rained that day, he still wouldn’t have shown up.

He skipped Arlington on Memorial Day and then when his advisors told him what a douchebag he looked like he had them drag 150 people in digital camo to a meeting hall so he could appear concerned.

You’re right about both parties being useless. This definitely was not what our Founding Fathers envisioned. They thought you would leave your livelihood to “serve” the nation for a few years. Do your stuff and then return to your career. Our whole mess can be attributed to the current system where our representatives are career politicians. They haven’t the slightest idea how capitalism works in the real world. They just know how to raise enough money to get themselves re-elected.


I did not desert you on Friday. I submitted my retort and it was censored by the fascistic, jack-booted editor at Knucksline (not that I bear him any ill will). Now, you’ve seen the shit that I get away with here. Can you imagine what it would take to get me blackballed? Oh baby! Just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

The fat bastard himself told me that I was “crazy”, but I don’t hold it against old lardass and neither should you.

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