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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rigoletto’s Surgery ... the truth behind the $20 Billion Sell-out fund ... So long General ... DOC says ...


Rigoletto Walks! Today the doctor called to say he went for a short walk. That's what I'm talkin' about ... no beast so fierce as the Rigoletto monster. As Debbie Karpel (check out her site below) wrote yesterday: The curse of Monterone has been lifted!

Post Surgery Rigoletto Update: The wonder dog stands! Rigoletto stood up this morning. The doctor was amazed. He didn’t last long before his hind legs collapsed, but that isn’t supposed to happen (his standing) for another 3-4 weeks. They're having trouble feeding him because Rigoletto is used to skirt steaks and prime rib, so they asked us to bring him some later tonight to keep his diabetes in control. My puppy is one tough MoFo ...

Rigoletto Surgery Update: The surgery went as well as can be expected. We won't know for a few days the extent of the paralysis (some, full, most likely very limited). Recovery takes 16 weeks before he can walk without a sling (that starts in 5 weeks). He'll be in the hospital another few days, but as soon as he comes out from the anesthesia, he's the boss of the famiglia Stella ... and the books are back open!

Rigoletto’s Surgery ... we were much reassured tonight when we dropped off Rigoletto for his surgery preparation. We met another couple with a dog (there) who’d had the same surgery one month ago. That dog was just now walking again (with the help of a sling) and his parents had already gone through all the angst we’re experiencing. They had the same surgeon and the same costs. They were very nice people and they did their best to help us stay calm. Rigoletto goes in for surgery between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to have a disc removed from his back. If all goes well, he’ll have a tough recovery because he’s a diabetic, but we are very hopeful this works.

I am officially a big wuss because while the doctor was talking to Ann Marie with Rigoletto on her lap, he spotted my wet eyes and said, “Aw, it’ll be okay. I’ll do my best for you. I know you love your dog.”
Honestly, I'm a wreck.

$20 Billion My Ass ... so the here’s the real story. Yeah, there’s been $20 billion set aside for “legitimate” claims (to be determined by a third party who can’t stop saying enough about how generous BP has been). The money will be there in four $5 billion increments (5 billion a year) so it’s a 4 year deal. The bottom line is, can someone who makes a claim later sue for future monies? After some avoiding the real answer on Meet The Press last week, the 9-11 superfund pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, last night said when someone makes an emergency claim, their claim will be reviewed and they will be asked to come in. Once they receive their emergency claim money (assuming it’s a “legitimate” claim), a discussion will take place during which a “final lump sum” arrangement will be offered. Take the money and no future litigation.

Great, so people who haven’t seen dime 1 of income for the past 2 weeks, 4, weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks will get to negotiate from desperation for a lump sum that precludes them from future litigation for money.

No wonder BP’s stock “surged” after the $20 billion “compensation” was announced.

One more bill of goods sold to a President obviously in a job way over his head.

General Big Mouth ... another day, another White House “meeting”. The meeting should last about 30 seconds and Obama should fire this clown (McChrystal) as soon as he steps in the Oval Office. Hand him a flash light and a compass and let him park cars. TK is totally against this war and has been against both wars since 2006. It has been and remains a bad policy, but so long as we’re there, the President is the commander and Chief and should NEVER take that kind of shit from anybody. My hero President, Harry Truman, fired McArthur (after putting up with his nonsense for way too long) and Obama shouldn’t wait until this clown sits in the chair before he’s told “You’re fired.”

I really hope he (Obama) follows through. We’ll know more tomorrow.

Everything here at casa Stella is on hold until tomorrow, amici. Until then, the so-called atheist joins the very religious wife in prayer for their Rigoletto.


And the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

I hope that everything goes well for the pooch tomorrow. And here I thought I was the only one who could make you cry.

$20 Billion - So where exactly did the Bamster get that number from? Every other decision from him took a blue ribbon commission, three czars and twelve months time. He had that $20B figure right on the tip of his tongue. I tend to think that was the figure that BP gave to him. Is it enough? Who knows. Will a bunch of that money go to people who just arrived in the Gulf yesterday? You betcha.

In a future Knucksline we can discuss where Fredo got the constitutional authority to pull off this shakedown. In the meantime, every country that has some experience with this type of calamity and has offered us aid is being told to mind their own business. We know what we’re doing. We’re probably spending a million bucks a day giving showers to pelicans, but the oil just keeps gushing out.

General McChrystal - We have to ask ourselves two questions. Is the war in Afghanistan important? Is McChrystal the best man for the job?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then, Obama, put on your little, short pants and your two-tone shoes and go do what you do best. Leave war to the grown-ups. Besides, tomorrow is Wednesday and you are better suited to picking the menu for the weekly white house party. Just as an aside, Fredo, why don’t you have all the guests at these weekly parties wear white powdered wigs. It would send a vibrant message to the few people who still have jobs about what they’re working for.

Supposedly, Fredo is really pissed at McChrystal. It’s too bad we can’t get him to be really pissed at Islamic terrorists and two-bit dictators.

Here’s a little mellow “Iz” to get you through tomorrow, Chazman.

Take care.