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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Art of Squatting ... Back injury--a little better ... Sunday with the Stella boys ...


What bad review?

OOOps ...

Squats ... the wife made it clear there won’t be any more squatting/deadlifting ... the last injury ruined a beautiful Memorial Day weekend and birthday (imagine being stuck with a grumpier than usual me in the house for a long weekend) ... but the hospital drugs seem to be working very well. The back pain has decreased considerably and I’m able to squat (very gently) to pick up whatever falls from my mitts. I’m also able to walk without needles in my lower left back. And I can slide on and off the bed again ... oy vey.

Why they make COLLARS. Why EVERYONE should USE THEM!

And then there’s this ...

Benching is so much safer ...

This is more like it ...

The Stella boys plus the future daughter-in-law are coming over to see the Phat Dad this weekend and it should be a food fest ... and maybe the day I can return to the gym for at least the elliptical workout?