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Saturday, October 3, 2009

DOC said … The Meet … Chicago … Lady Chatterley’s Lover … The Knuckmeter ... and the DOC says ...


Doc said ... (in his email to me the day of the meet).

Chaz: Of all the rules in weightlifting (1) Remember this one:

Hold onto the fucking bar!

It seems to be forgotten sometimes (or so you say).

Go show them just what an old, fat, decrepit guy with bad knees can do!!!

Yeah, that's right, you da man!!
Your pal, Doc

The Meet ... You'll notice in the video that I wore my unpressed T-shirt under my singlet. Why exactly we have to wear singlets is beyond me. Firstly, they don't do fat guys any good (we look fatter). Secondly, it's very difficult to use the bathroom in one. Rules are rules, I guess.

One of the differences in RAW meets vs. other Powerlifting federations is the way one takes the lift. In my last meet, I had to wait for a referee signal before lowering the bar. Not so in RAW. There are two other commands (both of which must be adhereed to). Once the bar touches the chest and has stopped moving, the referred behind the bench will give a verbal signal "Press" ... and once the weight is up and locked out he will say "Rack it".

Well, I completely blanked out on my first lift (which I use as my last warm-up) and not only didn’t listen to the referee, I ignored him on both commands; pressed too soon and then racked the bar without the signal. Three RED Lights/no lift.

I was very nervous about doing something that dumb again on my second lift so I really concentrated (which requires an intense amount of focus [sarcasm intended]).

Wait for him to say Press.

Wait for him to say rack it.

Oy-vey, no wonder I can’t chew gum and walk at the same time!

I made number two (370) and went ten pounds heavier on number three and just, just, just missed locking out.

Chicago ... I’m not sure what it cost us taxpayers for that special envoy to Copenhagen but the results sure are getting to be predictable. For all the hype about his being articulate and smart and cool ... well, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I’m not sure which bothered him more during his return flight on Air Force 1 ... news that Chicago and his trip were ignored or our new unemployment statistics reaching 9.8%. I’d like to believe he was running away from that but only if he was bringing home the bacon (the Olympics to Chicago). I didn’t have any problem with his trip before he made it, but now that it’s YET ANOTHER BUST, I’m wondering just when this guy accomplishes something that is supposed to make ME feel better.

Last post, DOC called him President Fredo and I had a good laugh at that.

Today I gotta wonder if it isn’t the truth.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover ... oy, vey, amici ... was this one loaded with anti Semitism. I came upon it almost immediately after the last post (Thursday) ... the story was intriguing enough but the anti Semitism was a sore spot. I understand the prejudice was common when Lawrence was writing but it’s hard to understand how a novel with so much progressive thought could be written by a person carrying that level of lowbrow prejudice. What can I say? If you can look past that garbage (the way I have to ignore Wagner’s anti Semitism when listening to his beautiful music), it’s definitely a book worth reading.

The Knuckmeter ... the official start weight is 331 ... the goal is 250 by April 1, 2010 ... place your bets ...


And the DOC says ...

I have to say, Chaz, that 370 pounds was impressive and that no-frills super hero outfit is quite fetching. Sort of Star Trekkish...

"Fuhgeddaboudit Kirk. I don't care about your fugazy federation. If you want to park your ship here you gotta pay like everybody else."

As far as the Knucksmeter ... I've studied all your past performances, so put me down for 333 pounds by April.

Monday morning, back to the old grind.

Hang in there Buckeroo