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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spooky Casa Stella ... DOC Man Walking ... Medicaid Fraud ... Tributes for a Master ... and the DOC says ...


Spooky Casa Stella ... the wife likes to decorate (putting it mildly) ... and when she’s not working 10-11 hour shifts 4 days a week or going to night school 2 nights a week (after working) [while maintaining a 94 average] or spending Saturdays in hospital doing her intern stuff, Nurse Annie is either doing the lawn, planting stuff, cooking or decorating.

No, I don’t partake in the festivities. Yes, because I’m a slug.

So, here’s the 2009 edition of Spooky Casa Stella ...

Don’t I look thinner here?

The front yard ... oy-vey.

Now, the really dirty deal she pulled this Halloween is her having to be at the hospital Saturday ... which leaves me with all the neighborhood kiddies (my idea of hell).

Trick or Treat!

Oy-vey ... (click on the link--well worth it) how I’d love to pull this Saturday ...

DOC Man Walking ... do not, I repeat, do not give that older man with the beard wearing eleven layers of thermal hunting gear a lift when you see him walking along the road. They’ve taken away DOC’s Maserati for betting against the now (on a roll) Rock of the week and he should not be provided with any form of welfare whatsoever. Leave him stir in his own free market juices. My beloved new york state buffalo bills are on a winning streak. In another defensive gem, we won, 20-9 over the Carolina Pantherless Rice.

Medicaid Fraud ... wow, was this disheartening. CBS’ Sixty Minutes show this past Sunday night about how easy it is to scam the Federal Government (and how absolutely content the federal government seems to be about it) does make one think twice about whether or not the same government can handle national health care. More frightening than how easy it is to run the scam was seeing how little is being done about it. Medicaid fraud departments don’t have the resources (was the reason why). Okay, so can somebody ask WHY THE FOCK NOT? This issue crosses administrations and one has to wonder about that mysterious word that has been absent ever since the federal bailouts of Wall Street, GM, etc. OVERSIGHT (where the FOCK is it)?

“The FOCK is going on?”

Now, here at Knucksline we’re still firmly behind national healthcare but we do question just why the government seems so lackadaisical about putting an end to this incredibly expensive crime against taxpayers. Could it be the insurance companies, et al, are paying people off to look the other way?

Tributes for a Master ... He wrote the greatest crime book of all time (The Friends of Eddie Coyle). He wrote another two immediately after just as good (The Digger’s Game and Cogan’s Trade). George V. Higgins died ten years ago November. He was a great American writer (crime or otherwise). The great movie of The Friends of Eddie Coyle (click on link for trailer) directed by Peter Yates and starring Robert Mitchum and Peter Boyle is now available on DVD ... about focking time!

Day 279 ... since President Obama was inaugurated after campaigning for a “necessary” war in Afghanistan and against the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time in Iraq (where we firmly remain).

Nader in 2012!


And the DOC says:


The repo man came, hooked up my beloved Maserati and drove off, leaving me standing in the rain with only my Maserati key fob to comfort me. More disappointing however, was the feeling that you had failed me. One of my true constants in life was gone. Your knowledge of sports has always ranked up there with Paris Hilton, Barney Frank, Betty White and Julia Childs. When you picked the Bengals to lose, they would lock themselves in their hotel room so they would not be incarcerated before their big victory. Now, that's gone. You claim to be on a roll. In the sports world, picking two winners in an entire season is not usually considered being "on a roll", but in your case it might be true. Alas, your previous consistency is shot.

So now you're against Medicaid fraud? The Bamster claimed that cleaning up the fraud would basically pay for the new socialist health plan. By not cleaning up the fraud they are sort of leaving that money in the bank until they need it. They are "letting it ride". A typically shrewd economic plan by Fredo. If I were you I wouldn't concern myself with that. When the medical death panel gets a look at you, the only assistance you are going to get is a truckload of wood and a few bolts of satin, so you can start crafting your casket.

The Obamanation is not going to make any decisions on the wars until the elections are over. He will leave our understaffed troops over there until it becomes politically expedient to do something different. Being Commander in Chief is not one of the roles he embraces... no parties.

Please clean out the trunk of your jalopy this weekend. Since (thanks to you) I no longer have a 200 mile per hour runabout, I will be needing a lift to the beer distributor on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and potentially 2-3 trips on any given weekend.

I was wondering why the Knuck-weight-loss-meter seems to have disappeared from the website... then I saw your picture. No need for that pesky meter anymore. Mission Accomplished!!

Your pal,