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Monday, October 12, 2009

Oy-vey … The Roundup … The Tournament …


Oy-vey ... no huddle/no win ... yet again. When the opposing quarterback goes 2-17 and you actually win the time of possession by a couple of minutes and you’re playing at home (the outdoor one in the United States) and the team you play hasn’t won a game yet (i.e., at kickoff, they’re even worse than you) … you’d think that would be an easy win, right?


Why you should always listen to the ugly Knuckster when it comes to his beloved new york state buffalo bills ... even DOC was full of congratulatory verbiage:

Congratulations! One in a row!

I won the Nobel Humanitarian award.

I think you're getting the Nobel Science award.


The good news is the Buffalo Press has hopped on the fire Coach Imbecile bandwagon. The bad news is Ralph Wilson thinks it’s 1991 again (literally, he didn’t show up for some fugazy award at halftime – maybe he was the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize).

Fire Dick Jauron now. No justice, no peace.

Click on the link and sign the petition.

The Roundup ...

Favre Bean Heads over the hockey team from Missouri ...

The Cowgirls in a squeaker over the Chefs ...

Watch out for those Bangalis, they upset the Wes Cravens and are looking tougher by the week ...

Iron Ores over the Lionesses ...

Moonachie II (Blue) in a cake walk (again) ... they look like the cream of the crop.

Carolina rice over the Skinless ...

Philadelphia Dog Killing Eaglettes (like everybody else) over the Buc Stops in Tampa ...

The San Fernando forty-fives took a powder and apparently didn’t show up ... wouldn’t you like to be in the locker room when coach Singletary discusses how his defensive players shouldn’t celebrate a single interception when being beat by 30?

Cheaterface nation took two on the chin ... the No Sox were swept by the Angelicas and the cheaterfaces took a beatin’ from the broncettes (who very definitely look for real).

Sea Pigeons crush the felines ...

Texas Rangers should’ve won it ... Phoenix cardinals by way of St. Louis are a bust ...

Peyton Mannings finish the Tennessee Tuxedos ... ouch.

Monday Night Rock ... oh, come on, you know it’s gonna be Fireman Ed and his Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets!

Not to mention the fact that we at knucksline hate the dolphinations almost as much as the cheaterfaces.

The Tournament ... Skankies sweep ... A-Fraud comes out of his playoff coma (quick, somebody test him) ... the oldest brat was there and responding to my taunting emails Friday night as they played. Charles (not Charlie) said it was the best game he’s ever seen. I say I’d like to see the envelope the left field ump got for blowing the FAIR BALL call. Madonna mia, they put two extra umps in the game to watch the lines and this putz was about 10 feet away when he gave that one to the Skankies. It wasn’t remotely close (quick, somebody bug his phones).

The Manny (I don’t care how many million you pay me, I don't run nothing out) Ramirez Dodgers are in, and let’s face it, that would be the best series ... Torre vs. the Steinbrenner’s ... but I gotta root for the Angelicas to knock out the Skanks so I can break my son’s shoes first.

I’m not sure about the Philadelphia flyers and that other team from Coors Beer Colorado but it would be pretty neat if they had to delay the series because of snowstorms again ... Keep adding games to the schedule MLB ... keep adding teams to the tournament ... it’s already a total fugazy operation (interleague bullshit, designated hitters, television scheduling, smaller stadiums, more and more offense, diluted pitching) ... no problem here. You couldn’t give me a ticket.

“Wild card” systems ... why not put the names of all the teams in a hat and let Governor Patterson pick out the lucky dozen or so that go to the tournament?

It's two minutes before the start of the game and President Peace Prize just made another cameo ... I swear on my gonads, amici, I turned to the Principessa Ann Marie and said, "You believe this focking guy?"

Oy-vey ...