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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gordo … Dean’s List … The Hunchback of Notre Dame … Knucks NFL Review…


Gordo … oy-vey, the guys in the deli used to call me Buon Giorno (because it’s my greeting) but familiarity breeds contempt … now I’m Gordo ("fat person"). Well, it’s not like they’re fibbing.

I use a plural Italian affectionate term my grandfather used for me when addressing them … “stroonzi” (little shits). It’s not like I’m fibbing either …

Dean’s List … add one more trinket to the Principessa Ann Marie’s collection (there’s been high honors, a creative writing award, several dean’s lists and a near perfect cumulative grade point average), but in yesterday’s mail was her last semester’s Dean’s list.

I find this guy Dean, he’s got trouble.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame … no, amici, I’m not moving to France … but I did read the book and it was more hilarious than heartbreaking and so spot on regarding government and church, it is easy to see how Hugo wrote the stuff revolutions are made of. There are two dry spots where Hugo goes off on the Paris architecture (and how much it had been warped by the time he wrote his book— sort of the way I feel about Little Italy before its yuppification — and that only took a few decades) and he did have another social essay planted firmly in the middle of a great story—much like Les Miserables and the sewer system) only a lot less so … but this is worth the read as much for the history lesson as for some brilliant (and funny) dialogue. And how can you not feel for Quasimodo (who was named after a holiday, I learned, Quasimodo Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter).

A little fact not known was that the poor hunchback went for his morning coffee at the deli beneath Notre Dame and was also called Gordo by the little shits who worked there …

Knucks NFL Review… get’em while they’re hot. Conference Chumps and Stupid Bowl winner at the bottom:

AFC Best
New England Cheaterfaces (11-5)
Miami Dolphinations (9-7)
Moonachie Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets (7-9)
My Beloved New York State Buffalo Bills (4-12)

AFC Northeast
Baltimore Wes Cravens (11-5)
Pittsburg Iron Ores (10-6)
Cleveland Brownies (8-8)
Cincinnati Ocho-Cincos (6-10)

AFC Midwest
Tennessee Tuxedos (11-5)
Indiacrapolis Coltless (10-6)
Sam Houston Rangers (8-8)
Jacksonville Feelines (5-11)

AFC Useless
San Diego Chargeless (10-6)
Oakland Raiderettes (8-8)
Kansas City Chefs (5-11)
Denver Bronckettes (5-11)

NFC Yeast
Moonachie Giants (11-5)
Philadelphia (Dog Killing) Eaglettes (11-5)
Dallas Cowgirls (8-8)
Washington Yellowskins (6-10)

NFC Nord
Minnesota Domed Ones (10-6)
Chicago Bearless (9-7)
Green Bay Packerless (8-8)
Detroit Lionesses (4-12)

NFC Mason-Dixon
Carolina Putz’s (10-6)
Atlanta Falconless (10-6)
The Aints (6-10)
The Buc Stops in Tampa (5-11)

NFC Less
Arizona by way of St. Louis Cardinals (9-7)
San Fernando Forty-fives (8-8)
Seattle Sea Pigeons (7-9)
St. Louis Blues (6-10)

AFC Champion Game: Tennessee Tuxedos vs. Baltimore Wes CravensCravens win.
NFC Championship Game: The Moonachie Giants vs. the Philadelphia (Dog Killing) Eaglettes … Giants win.

Stupid Bowl: Cravens rock the Moonachie Giants once more once 31-6.

Mortgage the house, amici … it’s a lock.

And the lock of the week (Week #1) will be the cheaterface nation patriations over my beloved new york state buffalo bills 42-10.