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Thursday, September 10, 2009

9-11 … Next 9-11 … April 2010 … Mafiya … The Republican Answer to Health Care …


9-11 ... eight years ago we were all devastated by 19 pieces of shit who’d managed to defy our national intelligence and defense system. Whether through hubris, incompetence or some combination thereof, we were all caught with our pants down and terrorists brought America to a temporary, but significant standstill. None of us forget. None of us should. Some of those responsible have paid the price. Some haven’t. We continue to stumble our way through Afghanistan and Iraq for God only knows what purpose anymore. It is a region of the world that neither wants nor requires our input. We should get out and leave them be.

And should they ever allow another collection of pieces of shit to pull another terrorist attack here, we should do what we should’ve done in the first place and level a good portion of the country responsible without setting a single boot on the ground.

Right, bada-boom, bada-bing.

Next 9-11 ... a good one our family is looking forward to ... Charles (not Charlie) ... the one wearing the neck collar for the next few weeks while he attends his MBA classes and eventually returns to work, will be getting married in Maryland to his Delaware dish, Leslie Sharpe. 9-11-10 is their official wedding day. Hopefully my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills don’t use that same day to sneak off to Toronto ...

April 2010 ... is the publication date for Johnny Porno from Stark House Press ... It is 1973 again, when the New York mob was at the height of its power, disco was king and the business of pornography was about to explode across America after a New York City criminal court banned the most famous of all porn flicks, Deep Throat.

Mafiya ... available now in trade paper, it was spotted at the Posman book store in Grand Central Station (Shuttle Passage) by one of the lawyers who works here ... “Stella has crafted a true page-turner ... Agnes is a flawed heroine, a refreshing change from too many lesser novels, and Stella remains a master of creating complex and believable characters. Stella has quickly become one of crime fiction's leading lights and this latest effort will burnish that well-deserved reputation. A great book.” —a *Library Journal* starred review.

The Republican Answer to Health Care ... essentially has been to keep things the way they are (why upset the applecart—Insurance companies are making a fortune, the rich have health coverage, so what we have 10% unemployment and people have lost their jobs and homes, we and who we represent (the rich) don’t feel it. The GOP is also against bailouts again (after Bush initiated the first set of bailouts) ... Wall Street is healthy again so who cares about that 10% of unemployed Americans? If the lazy bastards need a job, let them go out and get one!. Oy-vey ... is DOC gonna piss his pantaloons over this one.

Oy-vey again ... if Obama can’t get his party behind single payer (or some form of it) and we wind up with some watered down version of so-called healthcare reform, Knucksline will start calling him Obama Bush III ... he needs to rally HIS party (all 60 Dems in the Senate) and ram the package down the Republican party’s throats. If he can’t do that, he’s just another suit and the rest of us should turn to Ralph Nader in 2012.

It's official ... he's gone to the dogs ...


And the DOC says ...

You know Chaz, I meant to forego my usual caustic replies to your nonsensical rants today in observance of September 11th, but then your new hero got my panties in such a bunch that I can hardly walk.

September 11th is NOT a day of service!

It is a day of remembrance, a day of prayer, perhaps even a day to renew the resolve we had on September 12th. But service? Service to whom? The state, Obama, those feckless blowhards in Washington?

Thanks to the IRS, 4 months of every year are already days of service to the government.

See what you made me do. Let me get back on track.

Ask all the Amicis to, at some point of the day, spend a few minutes to contemplate the events of 8 years ago, not from the aspect of politics or international relations, but how you personally felt when you saw the video of those 2 icons of our American way of life crumbling to the ground. Remember the days that followed, when American flags sprouted like wildflowers from every window, garden and automobile. We were all united then, even if only for a short time.

Do not be disheartened, Chaz. In 2012, Nader will be the new president, the Buffalo Bills will be Super Bowl champions for 3 years running and I will be sitting at the anchor desk at MSNBC commenting how Obama was just too conservative.

Let's never forget, comrade