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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a ... dick! ... Ringing bells and warning the British ...


I try really hard to avoid politics of late. Frankly, it's all so discouraging, I'd rather watch foreign films, go for a walk, read a book or try to write one. Then crap like Anthony Weiner's fall from grace happens and my blood boils all over again. One of the very few politicians I tried my best to have faith in winds up just another jerkoff with a little too much time on his hands (so much for all that hard work he was doing on behalf of his constituents). He winds up being just another argument for hardcore anarchists (which I'm starting to appreciate a little more every day) who insist NO GOVERNMENT is better than the shit we're paying to screw us over today. Let's face it, they have a point.

Most of yous know how I feel about both major parties (they are both EQUALLY as useless as tits on a bull) ... they are corrupt beyond measure and way more costly to taxpayers than they are effective. They are tools of big business, corporate America and what amounts to American royalty (the 2%’ers). Add the fact politicians can serve a single term and have lifetime Cadillac healthcare AND a pension and what you have is legitimized organized crime (and nothing less). See Wall Street bailout ...

The latest (at least for today) exposure to what we are ripped off for with tax dollars many of us do NOT mind paying is Mr. Weiner. Someone please tell me this clown, after he is forced to resign (and let’s hope that he does that on his own and soon), isn’t entitled to lifetime healthcare and a pension. Please tell me someone out there has already written (and managed to have passed) a law precluding assholes forced to resign (no matter why--legal reasons or not) from getting another dime of our loot.

For those on the left, consider this a Sarah Palin moment (embarrassment equal to every time that imbecile opens her trap [i.e., Paul Revere warned the British]). To those on the right, Weiner is a much needed dose of reality for independents fed up with both parties but too embarrassed to have to vote for any of the really weak GOP presidential hopefuls in 2012.

After switching sides in 2000 (from pure frustration with the Democratic party), then giving up on both parties after 2006, I at least listened to two Democratic Congressmen (to what they "said"). Dennis Kucinich (who was blatantly ignored by his own party as well as all presidential debate formats) and Anthony Weiner (because I liked his politics). Kucinich flushed himself down the toilet for me when he took that famous ride on Air Force One and turned his back on national health insurance. Now there’s Weiner ... a guy obviously so enthralled with the power granted him and his own dramatizations on the house floor, he felt it was okay to make fools of everyone who voted for him as well as all the rest of the suckers forced to pay for him. Come to think of it, I didn’t see him in Wisconsin either (or his President) supporting collective bargaining. If I remember correctly, he performed from afar. Party of the people, huh?

Only Bernie Sanders (a democratic socialist) remains true to his word (at least as of today). So, please, Bernie, don’t twitter ...

In the meantime, let’s review a few things the average schmucks, yous and me, would have to deal with if we were caught in such a circumstance.

Did Weiner troll for women while on the job? You bet he did. The fact he won’t deny that is more than enough evidence, but examining his hard drive will be even more fuel for the pyre in the coming days/weeks (never mind the "about 6" woman that will turn out to be "about a dozen" who have more evidence than the tearful Congressman was willing to discuss yesterday).

Would you or I be fired? Hell, yous and I get fired for a lot less.

Would we get unemployment? No.

Would we get a pension? Try not to choke while you’re laughing.

Would we get lifetime healthcare? Have someone smack you on the back so you don’t choke all over again.

“[He] and his wife went through a lot in the less than a year they’re married.” I’ll bet. I wonder how much had to do with him trolling for college kids on the internet.

And he wants to keep his job. What he really wants is for all of us to:

This is the state of our political system today. Lunatics on the right who think it’s 1776 (and dismiss the raping of America from the indigenous population and/or slavery that wasn’t an issue for the founding fathers) while waving their patriotic flags ... and then numb nuts on the so-called left who think they can forever con the working man into believing in “Change We Can Believe in” (to include raping the American worker of his rights while feeding the sharks on Wall Street); that they are the party of the people is as valid as Congressman Weiner’s sexting denials.

Did Weiner do something he should be jailed for? I don’t think so, but I sure don’t want to know this asswipe is in involved in the government I’m forced to fund.

TK continues to beg its readers to vote any party/parties other than the two major ones that continue to make fools of us day in and day out.

I emailed Doc yesterday and wrote, “You called it.”

Doc wrote back: You betcha (he can’t resist). Although to be honest, you didn't exactly have to be Inspector Clouseau to know that little fuck was lying... his lips were moving.

Thankfully, there is some humor this fine day as well. Steven Colbert’s reenactment of Sarah Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s ride:

That wild and crazy (and dumb as a rock) Sarah ... at least she gives us something to smile about every day.