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Friday, June 10, 2011

Sports ... more foreign flicks ... why the dick should resign ...


Sort of like baseball, except it’s a lot more exciting, the NBA doesn’t really matter until the absurdly irrelevant season and all the mini-tournaments are over and the last two teams are standing. In 2006, I was rooting for Duane Wade (I could never root for a Miami team outright) and against Mark Cuban. This season, after the Heat became the Skankies of the NBA, the love is with the Mavericks and the tall kid from Deutschland ... yeah, even though Cuban is the owner of the means of production ... sometimes you gotta put blinders on.

I said something really dumb a few weeks ago to my youngest brat about Lebron James. “I think he’s better than Jordan.” Dustin looked at me like, “You poor old man. Dementia, at 55?” Anyway, the thing is, not only was I absurdly wrong, I forgot just how good Duane Wade is. Last night he proved that the team from Miami remains Wade’s team. Lebron who?

I once had a hip pointer playing football back in the college days. Four days of ultra-sound treatments before I could practice. Last night Wade took a pointer and was back on the floor twice after breaks to do whatever they did to him in the locker room. Truly unbelievable.

And speaking of unbelievable and my idiot comment about Lebron James ... 2 pts in the 4th quarter? Well, he’s better than me. I once scored 2 pts in an entire season playing for St. Jude’s CYO team. 6 games, 2 points ... and believe me, nobody was more surprised than me when the damn thing finally went in the net (against St. Thomas Aquinas). I think they beat us 56-18 or something. Shortly thereafter I figured out it was my vertical leap that would keep me from journeying through the NCAA ranks into the NBA.

Malena ... hilarious, sad and ultimately triumphant ... a boy falls in love with a beautiful (and I mean beautiful--Monica Bellucci) married woman whose husband is at war in a WWII Sicilian (the real Italia) coming of age adventure. Small town gossip and the trouble it causes ... this was terrific.

The Return ... another Russian masterpiece and coming of age story as the father of two boys missing for a dozen years returns to teach them how to be men ... what a tough ending.

It’s bad enough he’s not automatically terminated (try sending a naked picture of yourself from your work computer and see what happens). Any of us would be terminated for doing what Anthony Weiner did and THAT is the reason he should be fired (never mind resign). How is it “we the people” who pay their salaries have no say in whether they can be fired or not? Do we really need to supply creeps like Weiner, Vitter, Foley, Craig, Spitzer, Clinton, et al with lifetime pensions and healthcare after they’re caught doing what would get us terminated at our own jobs?

Forget the politics of the moment. Like progressive democrats won anything from a full majority House and Senate after Obama’s 2008 election (so quit whining MSNBC). They accomplished what again? Oh, right, they gave away $700 BILLION of our dollars to Wall Street (who, like Goldman Sachs, make no mistake, will FIRE YOUR ASS should you get caught sending YOUR pecker (or whatever) over THEIR internet). Add to that the fact Weiner and his majority colleagues did absolutely nothing for workers (except ignore unions and set labor back 150 years or so) and it’s icing on the cake ... or, if you prefer, a hole-filled prophylactic on the penis.

So, for the sake of being genuinely in touch with the workers he represents (so many of whom are already out of work for any number of reasons, including, no doubt, sending pictures of their peckers over the internet), Weiner should do the right thing and step down so all of us feel just a little less pain where the sun don’t shine.

Capisca? Arrivederci, Anthony ...


Substitute Anthony for Roma (Roma = Rome, that French city on the boot of what passes for Italy when everybody knows Sicilia is really Italy) ... like I said, blinders ...