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Sunday, January 24, 2010



Lullaby for the Nameless … Nolan, Hart and Tain are back (in time as well as their latest case(s)). An old serial killer case has possibly resurfaced by way of corpses showing up on a mountain and in a dumpster. An intricate police procedural that provides some interesting perspectives on Canadian law enforcement as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police struggle with local police, the usual police infighting, egos and the demons each of the three protagonist constables bring to the table. I was a fan of the first two in this series (What Burns Within and Frailties of the Flesh going back a few years, but have always wondered about the teasers the author sprinkled in both books relating to how these three dynamic personalities met. Lullaby for the Nameless provides the answers.

The latest in the Nolan, Hart and Tain series provides a great deal of historical, geographical political and social backdrop to Canadian culture. More importantly, it gives us background to the constables at the heart of this intriguing novel. I like being stringed along with clues that lead in several different directions and I was sure I had this baby figured out a number of times before I realized I was somewhat right (about 3 pages from the end—but I use “somewhat” liberally).

This collection (all three books) longs for a television/cable series and I can think of no one better to handle it than David Lynch. TK looks forward to the next installment.

Car crashes ... TK is a huge fan of HBO’s Real Sports ... a recent show on the effects of what amounts to “100 car crashes an hour” (what the game of football consists of) was scary and unfortunately probably very true. Former Harvard football player turned professional wrestler and athlete advocate, Chris Nowinski is most responsible for getting the NFL to rethink it’s pathetic head trauma/concussion policy. Nowinski managed to get NFL players to donate their brains after passing for examination and analysis. The results are terrifying. Many former NFL players (including Colts hall of famer, John Mackey) suffered from dementia very early in their lives; some as early as their 40’s. Many others committed suicide. One thing was certain, unattended concussions result in long term brain damage; players who received several such injuries were very susceptible to dementia and depression. After having to fight the NFL for several years over the issue, now the results are even scarier. It may not be the big hits alone that cause long term brain damage. The “100 car crashes an hour” a football game is may be just as damaging to individuals as the 2-5 big hits that result in concussions. Nowinski’s book, Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis explains it all.

And on that happy note, we’re picking the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets today in an upset victory over the Indiacrapolis Coltless, 24-23 (it’s 1969 all over again, baby) and the Aints over the domed Favre bean heads, 33-27.

Supreme Court … ouch, this one hurt more than any of us can realize. Corporations get to openly buy the political process without having to make believe they aren’t already doing so.

Choosing sides … DOC wants me to choose sides but I’m stuck in a genuine dilemma. I have no use for THIS government (both major parties)—it is corrupt, incompetent and completely out of touch with the rest of us struggling to survive. I’m also a firm believer in national health insurance, equal education for all and a much less corrupt form of welfare. The border situation is out of control and has been for years, but I’m not for shooting them as immigrants cross seeking a better life either.

What’s an ugly Knuckster to do? The Libertarian Party makes some genuine points against government, yet I’m not a believer in capitalism in its rawest form and insist man left alone (without government) would result in one big free for all (not in a good way). I also have an issue with greed; it isn’t good.

The Curmudgeon Party … we have the answers … half a police state (you try to kill us, you get your trial posthumously), national health insurance, SEALED borders until this country can handle it’s own problems (to include jobs, healthcare and equal education for all its LEGAL CITIZENS) and we’ll consult with the five families about setting the terms for future loans to Wall Street. In my fantasy connections, I still have an in …

The ugly one has been sick since Friday night and had to call off a band practice because of it ... not to mention delaying his first heavy day in the gym in preparation for the next meet ... or the fact he can't account for the last two days (they've been one HUGE headache).

Oy-vey ... at least he didn't eat anything ... not a single thing.


And the DOC says ...

Hey, Chaz,

Some interesting picks on the weekend's sporting events. You know I was thinking that maybe you should branch out and use your abilities to predict earthquakes or sun spots. Now I already know what you're going to say, "But Doc, I don't have the slightest freaking idea how to predict earthquakes or sun spots."


Your pal