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Thursday, January 28, 2010

JD Salinger ... Italia ... john edwards ... fast trains ... DOC says


JD Salinger … his Glass family stories that began in the Nine Stories collection remain some of the most brilliant short fiction ever penned, but it was The Catcher in the Rye and its narrator, Holden Caulfield, that sold over 35 million copies (and continues to sell 200,000 copies a year). Also part of the Salinger library were: Franny and Zooey and Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction (both continuations of the intriguing and dysfunctional Glass family). Salinger avoided fanfare and was agoraphobic. Fleeing all publicity in the early 60’s, the author moved from New York City to New Hampshire where he died at age 91. Salinger waged epic legal battles with those who attempted to publish biographies of him. Although the author hadn’t published anything for more than 45 years, it is believed he never stopped writing. Salinger’s passing remains a HUGE void in the literary world ... unless whatever he’s been writing is eventually released for public consumption. TK sure hope his works are released soon.

Goldman-Mob … the mob over in Italia isn’t having the same level of financial difficulty as Goldman Sachs was, probably because the mob over in Italia didn’t need the government to bail them out. Instead, they needed the government to make it just lousy enough economically for the rest of the suckers to earn off them. Sound familiar?

Johnny be screwed … John Edwards has finally managed to get everybody’s shmeckle caught in a ringer. Bagged and tagged he is now that his bestest friend in the whole world (Andrew Young, the original dumbski who copped a plea for John-boy and said it was “his” kid) has turned author and written a tell-all-about-it. One has to wonder how the man of the poor (with the $800 haircuts) will endure a few months in the joint where such haircuts are known to get slapped around … or maybe if he spends a lot of time on his knees, pulled.

Fast Trains … there’s a great line in The Pope of Greenwich Village (an iconic cult film for anybody from New York that stars Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts) … Paulie (Roberts) has just managed to get himself and Charlie (Rourke) fired (see the movie) … in an argument that ensues between the two cujini (cousins) outside the restaurant they used to work at, Charlie’s shirt is torn … and Paulie says: “What you worried about that fancy suit for, Charlie? You got no job to wear it to.”

That’s what Knucksline thinks about the “fast trains” proposal by President Obama. Okay, it’ll create jobs (for all those millions of out of work railroad construction guys?) and that’s good, but ... what happens if you don’t know how to build a railroad? And like Paulie might say, “What you need that fancy train for, Charlie? You got no job to take it to.”

Or maybe we’re being too cynical.


And the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

At least John Edwards had some juicy stuff to give his bestest pal to write a tell-all book. What have I got? I've got you. The highlights of the book would be you shooting up the mutt with insulin and talking to your freaking mouse. Not exactly a hot seller, but then again, who would want to read about John Edwards either. You'd need a shower after every chapter.

Ah yes, the bullet train and shovel-ready jobs. That's the problem with electing a president who has never had a real job. He thinks that anyone who doesn't have a job must work with a shovel. He figures if you don't work with a shovel, you probably already work for the government and he just gave you a nice raise to tide you over for the spending freeze. He says that freeze will save the government a kazillion smackeroos over 10 years. It's only a 3 year freeze, but the numbers look a lot better if you multiply them by 3. Over 100 years the savings are astronomical.

The bullet train is supposed to go over 100 mph. Unfortunately they are only laying 85 miles of track. Who is going to leave the car at home for an 85 mile trip? Who wants to go 100 mph in a train built by out of work accountants and car salesmen?

I thought it was incredibly rude for Fredo to bitch slap the Supreme Court on national TV, especially since the Bamster did not exactly know what he was talking about. I warned Alito about this before. I said, "Sammy, you show up at these events wearing that black dress, you won't get no freaking respect."

Your best pal

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