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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ooops, there goes another one .... Dead Wrong ... Pomwonderful ... JP Cover ... Bad Movie ... WTF ... What’s the Difference ...DOC says ...


Oooops, there goes another one (Democrat) ... Apparently the staff at Temporary Knucksline weren't the only ones who haven't seen a difference between the last clown in the White House and the new one.

You don't think this was a temporary referendum on the Obama administration?

You better believe it was. And last night they couldn't point fingers at one another fast enough (the Democrats). Only the Democrats can do this to themselves ... but they have company in the other party in doing it to all of us.

Come on amici, none of us need either of these parties anymore. Think out of the box ... if you really want change, let's face it, you're gonna have to.

And DOC says about that ...

More doom and gloom from Generalissimo Buzz-Killer. Somebody won an election and it wasn't Ralph Nader (again). I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly.

Your pal,

4 for 4 ... oy vey, vey iz mir ... hard as it is to believe, the ugly one picked all four games WRONG this past weekend. I’ve already received several dozen emails from the four remaining teams requesting I pick the team they’re all playing. I’ll spend a little more time this week analyzing the championship games but we are tipping our hat to the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets for getting this far. That was a truly amazing defensive performance yesterday.

Geesh, have a bad week and they turn on you like that ...

Pom Wonderful ... hey, the Principessa Ann Marie sampled this new juice and not only gave it a Grade A (she liked the martinis she mixed with it), she told the ugly one he should drink it too (for dietary reasons?). Hey, you know what? I have and it is dynamite. It is 100% pomegranate juice in a nifty shaped bottle, but it does more than just help the digestive tract ... check out the menus in the link.

The Johnny Porno book cover ...

Now you know why he's called the "ugly one" ...

Bad Movie ... the boss LOVES going to the movies. Knucks rather have his toenails pulled off, but she isn’t called the boss because he gets his way. She let him choose from all the crap in theatres these days (he refuses to see that Avatar cartoon) and he chose unwisely (speaking of bad picks), The Book of Eli (an absolute stinker). The ugly one is a big Denzel Washington fan ... but this piece of garbage was nothing more than that; a huge waste of time and fazools. $7.50 for a bucket of popcorn ... $5.50 for soda? The crap cost $19.25 vs. the ticket prices $16.00 for two. You know what? It’s back to Netflix and the 5 foreign film nominees from the Golden Globes last night ...

And speaking of golden globes ... how about “Joannie” (Christina Hendricks) from Mad Men (one of our favorite shows).

Not hot enough? Catch the fever ...

WTF ... a new TK column that features irony, hypocrisy and general dopey stuff. Today TK is wondering What The Fock President Obama was thinking when he made this speech last week: “We want our money back and we're going to get it.” It has to do with his sudden realization that Banks bailed out with OUR money should be taxed.

Wait a minute, TK says ... isn’t this the same bozo (Obama) who just permitted the same banks a tax reprieve on $38 BILLION dollars? Seriously, he gave them our money without any stipulations regarding how they chose to use it (they were supposed to lend it but didn’t, even though they “promised” they would) ... then they continued outsourcing American jobs while taking American taxpayer dollars ... then they rewarded themselves for the record profits they made on OUR dime with record bonuses ... then they were excused from paying $38 BILLION in tax dollars ... and now he’s going to tax them for being greedy (after it was greed that put us all in the financial mess we’re in)?

And let’s not get into the fiscal oversight we all heard so much about before the Presidential election; how it was a lack of such oversight that brought on the crisis in the first place. Let us not get into that because that hasn’t happened yet either—not a single piece of oversight legislation has been passed by the party that guaranteed they would provide it.

Hey, TK is for nationalizing these assholes ... at least writing some legislation that guarantees outsourced American jobs be returned to American taxpayers/workers. These banks want OUR money, they have to play by OUR rules.

Seriously, maybe the morons running the show in Washington need to talk to a few street financiers about how to lend money and more importantly, how to set the terms of the loan.

Tomorrow in Mass ... TK finds it interesting that the whackos on the extreme right are keeping their distance from this election. Rudy (a so-called liberal Republican) was there but no Sarah Palin. You think maybe the GOP is learning they can’t act like cavemen anymore?

We doubt it, but it will be interesting to see which version of Republican wins this election; the Republican light (Coakley) or the full blown Republican (Brown).


And the DOC says ...

Geezus, Chaz,

You're back with the freaking bank thing again. Can't you just let it go? Stop worrying about what the banks do. You don't have any money in them. Any of the amicis who follow your "Lock of the Week" don't have any money in them. Relax. Obama says he's going to make the banks give all the money back. Has he ever lied to you before?

ABC had an interesting article today. It seems Trijicon, who makes optical rifle sights for the military has, at the end of the serial number, a bible reference. The founder of Trijicon was very religious and after his death in 2003 the company started to add this to the serial numbers, so it would look like this: 338899922023jn8:12. The numbers are tiny. In this case the "jn8:12" refers to the bible passage, John 8:12: "Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." Pretty innocuous right? Well, not after ABC is done with it! I mean, this is a gold mine in their eyes. The perfect chance to trash the military, Christianity and capitalism all in one fell swoop. I'm sure the reporter was having multiple orgasms while he penned this masterpiece. First he blows the lid off these "Secret Bible Codes" as he calls them. Then he goes on to explain how our Judeo-Christian military men are shooting at Muslims with their "Jesus Rifles" and how that could be construed by the Muslims as a "Crusade". So, for ABC it's okay if the Muslims slam us with a religious Jihad using IEDs, but it's bad if we strike back with a Crusade using really cool sights.

I think Knucksline will lose much of it's journalistic integrity if you continue your policy of celebrity endorsements. And trust me, if they're trying to push this product as a weight loss aid you are not going to be seeing your picture on the bottle anytime soon. Although, I do see that they have a blog. Let's see how long it takes you to get banned from that. Tell them how you were drinking a frosty PomWonderful when you noticed that the focking banks had stolen $38 billion of your money. That should get you started.

Well I have to go. I want to order a couple of those Jesus scopes.

Your pal,

Well, he has more to say ...

Hey, Chaz,

I saw the trailer. It looks great. You know I don't like to say nice things about you in Knucksline. It ruins my image.

But we have to do some portraits of you for the book jackets. That one looks like you just cut off the bottom of the picture. The part with the black sign with the white numbers and the name of the correctional facility. I can do some dark, moody black and white shots. When I went to photography school all the instructors were 100 years old, so I was taught the 1940s George Raft/Hedy Lamar Hollywood style. For your face... shadows are good.