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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun stuff ... painful stuff ... a great read ... and other stuff ... Il Travatore (work) ...


EARTHQUAKE … maybe it’s me (or my 310-15 pounds), but I didn’t feel a thing yesterday. All of my co-workers did, but not me. When I got home I called Momma Stella and neither did she feel anything (or maybe it was 330-340 pounds). What’s up with that?

No, the above wasn’t from me jogging on that road after dinner ...

BAD BACK/SHOULDER … getting old is proving more annoying than kids … well, almost. My back has been sore since I reinjured it a few months ago. No relief. Then last week I slept the wrong way (on my shoulder with the torn rotator cuff) … sorella, has that been hurting since. Fed up with this break in lifting/working out, I’m heading back to the gym to either finish myself off or get rid of the atrophy that I insist is doing all the damage.

Did I ever tell yous my theory on teeth ... that placque was nature’s way of protecting them?

Oy vey ... yous get the picture.

Diary of an Adulterous Woman … if you’re a fan of Jewish humor and/or just good writing, this baby is a wonderful find. Guido and Charlie are long time friends/classmates from way back in the day. They meet at a reunion and share stories; Guido is an Italian Jew, fairly well known photographer and womanizer of the decade. Charlie is a psychologist and single … Aviva is Guido’s love interest, a cellist married to an abusive Morrocan Jew … no spoilers but this baby is one for the ages. Complete with an index/glossary that can be become annoying at times (you’ll still want to use it), Diary is a hilarious book until the last few pages when it turns vengefully tragic. An excellent read I just did for my MFA class.

ROUGH RIDERS … okay, so last Saturday I wasted half the day putting together a Power Point presentation that was a reading from my next novel (Rough Riders, Stark House Press, July 2012). Rough Riders is a 10 year sequel to my first novel, Eddie’s World and through the process of trying to create a youtube video, I recorded my Pavarotti-like voice (no, I didn’t sing it) and caught 5 big mistakes (or edits) just from listening to myself squawk over and over and over (because of the conversion from slides converting to JPG’s in Movie Maker. Oy vey … long story short, I’m rereading RR’s one extra time (this time aloud into the recorder) with some serious focus to make sure the dialogue reads right.

As for that movie maker presentation ... ba-fongool, movie maker!  I'll try something else.

FOOTBALL … On the comical side, the New England patriations continue to run up scores, even in games that don’t count. You’d think someone might remind them how they were 18-0 until the one game that counted a few years back … that poisonous 1 that turned their entire season of blowouts into a joke everyone else enjoyed laughing at.

Can’t this guy get a haircut already?

Or the last two seasons, for that matter … all those wins and especially that run-it-up on the Y-E-T-S, Yets, Yets, Yets … for what? The same Yets beat them when it counted. 14-2 … ooops, 14-3 …

Meanwhile, my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills are cruising through the preseason just waiting for the real thing to begin. The double swipe against the Patriations will be salve for any burn the other 14 games may turn into.

Ooops, I meant these guys (above) ... Go Bills!

Big Review this Friday night/Saturday ... a great new book and a great movie on political alternatives.


Nothing is complete without a little opera, amici ...