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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Campaign 2012 ... Shoes, a bargain at $1,500 a pair ... Mayor Mike ...

From the Los Angeles Times: Obama's new fundraising speech: 2008 was really bad, so I need a second term. Oy vey ... some liberal democrats, perhaps because of race issues, continue to support the incompetence that has bolstered Wall Street at the expense of the poor and middle class. Blinded by party loyalty, they refuse to acknowledge the disaster Obama’s presidency has been from the get-go. This last fiasco, the debt ceiling cave-in, directly effects moi (graduate students will now have to pay student loans as they go rather than have a deferment). Although there are clear third parties on both sides of the political spectrum, fear of giving either of the two major parties the keys to the car (like either has done ANYTHING about GETTING THE CAR OUT OF THAT DITCH), keeps liberals (on one side) from supporting what they most support. They choose the lesser of two evils, a guarantee of political inertia in a capitalist society. The question is: what hasn’t this loser (Obama) done that hasn’t negatively affected the working classes (like moi)? But enough about me, let’s look at how the rich are doing, shall we?

What is the tea party complaining about? The wealthy seem to be doing well under Obama ... from the New York Times this fine August day (while most struggle trying to keep a roof over their heads), high end stores are doing just fine. Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

Let’s hear it for Mayor Mike. Very decent of the man ... if he could only understand that those parking fines in New York City (upwards of $115) just about cripple most middle class New Yorkers (because they’re the ones getting the tickets; the high-end cars tend to park in private garages because they can afford the $50+ fees), he’d be one rockin’ dude.

Editorial Comment: Over at the conservative site I torture (at times), I point to how much prosperity Obama has brought the wealthiest in the country (so what are they complaining about?). At liberal sites I torture I do the same thing (obviously for different reasons). Here’s the interesting thing: Both sides are so wrapped up in party loyalty, they are blinded by the facts (that the wealthiest in this country are doing better and better at the expense of the middle class and the poor). One side (the side most associated with defending the wealthy), hates Obama. The other side (the one most associated with the working class), can’t imagine a world without Obama. Why is that, you think?