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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Doc’s email ... the Doc says ...


The monthly disclaimer shortened: Doc is a very conservative dude. He is the only other commentator on Temporary Knucksline. While we’re both curmudgeons, where are often (most often) polar opposites on politics. I’m a social-democrat (leaning toward anarchism fast), Doc is a, well, he’s the Doc (the compassionate one [sarcasm intended]). He’s also a terrific writer, make no mistake. Here’s his recent email to me. The Doc says segment was actually from a week ago. I was too swamped to post it then.

Docs recent email to me (I had told him I’m down to 311 pounds) and that I’m not satisfied with free enterprise.

Wow, 311!!!

I better put some kind of filter on the skimmer so you don't get sucked down with the leaves.

Free enterprise is working fine. It can recognize that Fredo has turned us into Somalia with a Chryser Building.

Later, Dude.

The Doc Says ...

Quite a week, eh, Sparky?

The whole debt ceiling drama really showcased why congress has a 13% job approval and I would guess that the 13% who gave the positive feedback are actually people who work in congress. Have you ever seen a more despicable performance in your life? But the Bamster told us that if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling the stock market would tank. So we gave him an extra trillion or so to play with and guess what. The very next day the stock market hits the wall harder than Charlie Sheen in the Daytona 500.

Happy Birthday, Fredo!

That notorious muffin head Biden has the audacity to refer to the Tea party Republicans as terrorists. In Obama’s America we don’t even refer to Al Qaeda as terrorists. I believe Janet Napolitano refers to the 9/11 hijackers as “Undocumented Airline Pilots”.

Government Motors is still pushing their all electric, Chevy Volt. In February they sold almost 300 of them. In July, across the whole freaking United States they sold 125 of them. GM’s response… they are boosting production of them to 5,000 per month. Start saving your pennies. The second bailout of GM can’t be too far away.

So Mayor Mike is going to help Black and Latino “boys”. What happens to the girls? Will he just give them a free baby carriage and a roll of food stamps?

Once again, Obama is going to turn his “laser-like” focus to the jobs issue. If the past is any indication here Chaz, this will give the same results as your laser-like focus on dieting.

On the local front, who actually believes that Taco Bell’s Triple Steak Burrito actually has 3 different types of steak in it? Unless of course you consider the fleshy part of raccoons and woodchucks to be a form of steak.

Some sound advice here.

Have a great weekend, Chazmeister