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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Doc says ...

What’s happening, Bro?

Have you seen the Bamster’s new ride?

I guess he got bored with Air Force 1 and Marine 1, so he goes and orders two $1,100,000 buses from Canada. Don’t we have two U.S. car companies that owe us a gazillion dollars from their bailout? Couldn’t Chevy have taken 16 of their unsellable Volts, welded them all together and stuck a Winnebago on top?

But, no… Fredo needed something special. So for 3 days he’ll be motoring around the Midwest in his “Rolling Plunder, Beelzebub’s Bus of Doom and Phantasmagoria”. I think the license plates are from Mordor.

In Illinois on his “Listening Tour” (which mostly involves him talking) one of his key talking points was the importance of “buying American”. When done, he jumped into his Canadian vampire bus and drove off.

The media is not showing you the scenes when this huge, black, phallic symbol rumbles into town and all the moms are running into the street and scooping up their babies and fleeing to their homes and bolting the shutters and doors.

And you know in your heart that Fredo is not a bus kind of guy. He likes the limo, the 747, the chopper. So he’ll do his 3 day listening tour, but by next week this million dollar monstrosity will be used to tote his golf clubs from hole to hole.

Have a good week, Chaz.