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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GE moves thousands of Jobs to China ... Cheapskates—shameless self-promotion ...

Why do I have to learn of this at a conservative website (I wonder)? “As one typically indignant reader said: "Obama's jobs Czar, [Jeff] Immelt, moves good jobs to China, again." Another fumed, "Immelt made a big deal of blasting other CEOs for not creating more jobs in the US while he now moves a business to China.”

I do thank the conservative website (and the Colonel, a veteran and a very good man, no matter how much we “might” disagree at times) for pointing it out, by the way.

What a country ... an absolute incompetent in the oval office and a school of greedy sharks (Jeff Immelt (GE), Blankfein(Goldman Sachs), et al) determined to put the rest of America out of work.

Change we can believe in, huh?

Tea Party free market patriotism, huh?

Anyone believing in either of the above ... TK says, Blow it out your ass already!

And now that we’ve alienated another 30,000,000 or so readers, some shameless self-promotion ...


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