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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dinner at casa Stella ... Momma Stella goes home ... Gettysburgh domani ... Cheapskates about to go Kindle & Nook ...


Flour, egg, eye-talian breadcrumbs, fry in olive oil, drain on mucho paper towels, let settle while the gravy cooks, layer the friggin’ thing while the super dog (Rigoletto) barks for something to eat, shove in oven with sausage and peppers (separate tray), put up the water for the Rigatoni and leftover gravy, prepare antipasta and broccoli rabe, cut up the bread and wait for guests to arrive.

Rigoletto’s look says: The fuck, fat dad, where’s mine?

white wine, red wine, bottled water, Becks light on the way ... forgetaboutit ...

Big Sexy? Okay, just Big ... maybe too big. Maybe too big and ugly, but figure the camera adds 60-70 pounds, the lighting an extra dozen and the bright tank top another 15 or so ... which is why my favorite Bills “away” T-shirt was tearing as I ate ...

I know it's difficult, but can you see the difference in weight between these two men? Chan was saying: “Seriously, Charlie, your shirt is not only tearing as you eat, it looks like your stomach is growing a set of tits. And you’re sweating, too. It’s gross already.”

Mae said, “Don’t tell me there’s only two bottles of wine up in here.”

Two nicer people you won’t meet (Mae and her husband Chan). Add the Principessa Ann Marie to the mix (the gang of three when they picked on me). It was a blast we’re hoping to repeat when the Stephinator (Millgan), another classmate in the SNHU MFA program (which we are all proud to be part of), comes to visit next month.

Momma Stella comes home today ... we’re hoping this is a good thing. We understand her being fed up with hospitals. We’re hopeful she’s stabilized.

Gettysburg tomorrow ... cousin Jason and I will be hooking up with a terrific writer from Maryland by way of Pittsburg, Dana King, at the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum tomorrow. Heat? We don’t care about no stinkin’ heat. I’m looking very forward to finally meeting Dana in the flesh. He’s a TERRIFIC writer who has a novel due on kindle soon and we’ll be plugging here and anywhere else we can. And as an added bonus, my youngest boyo, Dustin William Stella, has a woman of interest from Pittsburg ... Pirate/Steeler/Penguin fans abound ...

Cheapskates coming on kindle and nook soon ... (although the Nook end will take more time because I’m clueless how to do it again)

"Stella loves his people, the bad no less than the good, which is why you will too." – Kirkus Reviews