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Monday, April 25, 2011

Glee Geeks!


The great confession ... and it has nothing to do with guilty pleasures. The wife and I are Glee Geeks!

It started this past Friday night. The Principessa Ann Marie had already been familiar with Glee and was watching it on the sly (from fear of cynical comments from the ugly one) ... but then must have taken a napski while watching an episode while I was in the writing room doing battle with yet another blog site (my role as the single most annoying blogger on the Internet has been confirmed by both left and right blogs alike). I heard some music, stopped typing and turned around and low and behold, I moved my carcass from one chair to another (always aerobically inclined).

I watched the end of whatever show episode it was up to (current season) and then asked the boss if she could find the first season on NetFlix.

Oy vey ... the Glee marathon was on. After watching the first five episodes, we had to take a break (for sleep) and very first thing the next morning (after she FINALLY woke up--I had been at the computer for two hours already), we turned on Glee and watched the next ten episodes, only stopping to eat and for the wife to issue the challenge: “I’ll bet I can stay up and watch all of them and you fall asleep first.”

I took the challenge, then realized the poor thing would be exhausted for our Easter Sunday with Momma Stella, so I gave in (think Jackie Gleason here: “You know that I know that you know that I know how easy you catch measles.”).

Sunday night we made it to the last two episodes, which we just watched. It’s now over and NetFlix doesn’t have Season 2 on streaming yet.



Did we cry? Yes.

No, did you cry, fatso? Yes.

Have you no shame? A little, so I usually drank something or shoved my pipe in my mouth to cover any tearing.

Favorite episode: The Barbara Streisand stuff ... followed by the last episode of season 1.

Favorite character: Brittany, hands down for moi (I love a girl with little to say); the coach, for the Principessa Ann Marie. Oooops, big mistake ... the wife has corrected me ... it's Puck!

We already know Doc’s favorite character has to be Sue Sylvester ...