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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Doc Says ...

Hey Chaz,

I just wanted to give you a small hint here. When I write you an email and put “Personal Note” in the subject line that might mean that I don’t want it distributed to your thousands of adoring fans. Now, Crumley is pissed off at me and he doesn’t even know me. It usually takes strangers 5-10 minutes to get pissed off at me.

“The Donald”
So, do you think Trump will run? Personally, I doubt it, but at least he is showing the Repubican sissies what a real man sounds like. That’s the problem with these professional politicians. They’re afraid of scaring any voters off, so they don’t take a stand on anything. It’s not like they have any sort of “real” job to go back to if they lose. More than likely the Repubicans will nominate Romney. Then it will just be a question of whether Barbie will let him leave the Dream House to run. He’s just too pretty to be any good.

Government Motors
Well, the stock is tanking and the government is trying to dump it as soon as possible. If they sell it now they stand to lose $22 Billion of our money. So, why sell it now, you ask? Seems they would rather take the hit now then wait and possibly take the loss too close to the 2012 election.

Terrorist Threat Levels
The government has scrapped the old color coded threat levels in favor of a different 2 level system. The new levels are “Elevated Threat” and “Imminent Threat”. In other words, “Scared” and “Scared Shitless”. This two-handed stroke job is brought to you by the same muppets who decided that “war” had such an ugly connotation and decided to rename them “kinetic confrontations”. Try not to think of that when you are watching the woodpeckers drill perfectly round holes while waiting for your foreign films to start.

And Finally, the Fredo Files! The Bamster has just agreed to give $25 Million $mackers to the rebels in Libya.

- We don’t know who they are.
- We don’t know what they stand for.
- We’re broker than a frat boy at the end of Spring Break ... but, what the hell. They look like nice guys with their pickup trucks with the rocket launchers in the back. Now, don’t you worry, the White House specified that it is for “non-lethal aid”. They probably don’t know exactly who they turned the money over to, but I’m sure they made him pinky-swear that they wouldn’t spend it on weapons.

Be honest, Chaz. If Fredo was standing next to Sarah Palin could you actually say that Palin was the stupid one?

Have a good weekend, Chazmeister