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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doc says ...


He's been busy of late, the Doc has ... so this is his abbreviated correspondence (the slacker).

Happy Halloween, Chaz,

I loved that self interview. Well, at least the first part. Once you stopped talking about me I kind of lost interest and nodded off.

It’s interesting that some people think that you invented me. I mean really, if you had to invent someone would you invent someone who pees in your corn flakes, hates opera and is Irish to boot?

But what if it’s true? Am I really just another one of those voices in your head? Let’s look at the facts. Have any of the amicis ever seen me? No. I’m an unemployed programmer who lives in a house with an inground swimming pool. Well, that seems odd. A weapons expert who looks like Poppa Smurf… strange. Have we ever talked on the phone? I don’t think so, we always communicate through email. You claim that I came to your Christmas party last year, but that was the night of the biggest snowstorm of the year. Kind of a dangerous trek just to get some brewskies and pigs in a blanket. Did any other of the revelers see me? Nope, I’m supposedly the only one who showed up. Or did I? To be honest, I am having doubts about my existence at this point.

In the LifeTime movie biography of the novelist Charlie Stella all these questions are answered in the last three minutes when your psychiatrist insists that you drive him over to Doc’s house. As the car pulls to the curb the camera pans to an empty lot with the wind blowing through the weeds. In the center of the lot is a sign…


Then the screen fades to black.

Have a great week, buddy boy

Doc ?