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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doc says ...

Dear Chaz,

Just to clear things up, the only reason I was on my feet all of Friday night was because every time I twitched I heard “Get me another beer while you’re up, Doc.” I might have thought that you were confusing me with your wife except I know the Principessa does not play Princess Leia while you are doing your Jabba the Hutt impression.


Personally, I’m getting tired of the Bamster’s “Car” metaphor. Yeah, yeah, it’s cute. “D” is for Democrat, “R” is for Republican. If you want to go forward, you put the car in “D”. If you want to go backwards you put the car in “R”. If you’re eleven years old, this is clever as hell.

In another of his speeches in the “Car” series, the Democrats are pushing the car up the hill while the Republicans are at the top of the hill drinking Slushies asking for the keys. The Bamster says you can’t have the keys because you can’t drive. Dear Fredo, if you start the freaking car you could drive it up the hill. And let’s not kid ourselves, Obama is not the type to help push the car up the hill. He’d be sitting in the back seat yelling to 112 year old Harry Reid to “Put your back into it, Harry! My ice cream is melting.”

Just another tip, before you put the car into (D) and drive off why don’t you check to see if you have enough money to buy gas after you’ve finished topping off all the Bentleys in the Goldman-Sachs parking lot.

has recused herself for 25 of the 51 cases due to come before the Supreme Court. Did the genius in the White House not anticipate this or has Supreme Court Justice suddenly become a part time job. I guess I should not be surprised that our part-time president would appoint a part-time Justice.

And what are the chances that the guy who wants to build the Ground Zero Mosque has a wife that’s named Daisy? Give me a f#cking break! That’s like when you call up the Dell Help Desk and the geek with the heavy Indian accent tells you, “Hello, I would be Mike. How can I be helping you?”

“Mortgage the house and take the Bills in the upset of the week, Bills 34 – Yets 17 … because NOBODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS!” (TK 09/30/10)

Great call on the score, Chucky! You almost called it dead on. You screwed up on which team would actually have those scores, but that is a minor detail. Well maybe not such a minor detail for the families that, as you suggested, mortgaged the house and are now living in a drain pipe under the turnpike overpass, but you are a quasi-liberal… you can claim you mis-spoke.

Have a great week, Generalissimo.

One of my favorite girls, singing one of my favorite songs, with one of my favorite bands …