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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Crime Of It All -- new website and interview with the ugly one


The ugly one gets featured on a new website, The Crime Of It All.

To read both interviews (the big one and the 60 second interview), click on the ugly one's picture on the site (the one where he's holding Rigoletto--the real boss of the famigila Stella).

Len sitting in front of the future casa stella ...

Len Wanner put this baby (the site, interview, etc.) together with a lot of blood and sweat (no tears because it is something he loves). Len’s vocabulary and writing skill is about 1000x’s greater than mine (which is why when he reviewed Johnny Porno I kept a dictionary close at hand), so be prepared to be awed by Mr. Wanner’s literary skills.

Len smiling about my beloved new york state buffalo bills wasting the Yets tomorrow?

This looks to be a premier site that will help crime writing and crime writers across the board, so go take a look see, then link to it and make it a place to stop and visit for future interviews and reviews on all things crime.

A few names not mentioned in the ugly one's interview on The Crime Of It All (by accident only) but still on his preferred reading list are Lynn Kostoff (Late Rain), David Zeltserman's latest (The Caretaker of Lorne Field -- reviewed by Patti Abbott) and some I'm sure I'm forgetting (Ed Gorman and Bill Crider wonderful works, Russel McLean), etc. The danger with interviews are the ones not in your mind at the moment you do the interview.

While we’re on the topic of Stella, Charlie Opera is now available on Kindle. Since the book sold out here and the publisher never went with a second printing (and the UK publisher didn’t bother putting any reviews on the jacket ... and charges way too much money for the hardcover) it is now on Kindle for $2.00. Two fazools for one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Top 10 Mysteries of 2003. If enough of them sell, I can in fact go buy that luxury model 5 year old whatever Doc says will feature all four doors opening from both the inside and out.

Speaking of Doc, I felt like I was at a tennis match last night, when Mr. Compassionate felt compelled to drink and talk while walking back and forth across our living room over and over and over. At one point I threatened him with a baseball bat to sit the fock down so my neck didn’t cramp, but that just made him move around all the more (because he too is a born contrarian).

Nothing makes the ugly one more nervous than people walking around when he’s sitting. What’s up with that?