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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Honeymoon Over … Flyers/Skankies … Sarah Jessica Parker … Kate Gosselin … and the DOC says ...


Honeymoon Over … You know the Obama honeymoon is over when MSNBC goes on a 2 hour rant about how George Bush got us into two wars … it’s almost as if they are oblivious to the fact that their savior can (whenever he thinks it prudent/what he campaigned on) get us out of either or both of those same wars. The fact he labeled one “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time” doesn’t seem to affect either Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann. There they were last night trumping up Bush’s wars.

For the record, it’s now the 287th day since Obama was inaugurated after campaigning for a “necessary” war in Afghanistan and against “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time” in Iraq (where, Keitho and Rachel, we firmly remain). The only difference between Bush (who started these wars and should be held accountable) and Obama (who hasn't moved an iota to get us out of them) is Bush needed to cross the aisle for Democratic Congressional support to start those wars and Obama has a clear Democratic Majority and isn't getting us out of them.

It was nice to see Ariana Huffington on Morning Joe this morning (Scarborough, remember, is the one the Principessa Ann Marie has fantasy dreams about) discussing how much the charismatic one has let down the left (his cave in to the health industry and his inability to remove us from either or both wars) and how much he seems to be continuing George Bush’s policies (his Wall Street appointments to the Treasury Department and his support for Wall Street at our expense). Most so-called liberal democrats are just as eager to cave in to whatever Obama does by ignoring his ignoring them and pointing fingers at whackos on the extreme right. Not very effective (for their cause) but it must make them feel very good about themselves.

DOC is coming over at 2:00 p.m. for “brewskies” (translation: he’s hijacking a Budweiser truck). We’ll be having a 5 minute discussion on the proper use of commas and it’s vs. its (something Eagle Eye Bludeau likes to point out to me how often I mix the two up) and then getting down to some serious drinking (because I have the day off and he always has the day off).

Flyers/Skankies … wow, this Utley guy can hit … but I was sure the Skankies and their steroid admitting (after getting bagged) stars would finish the Flyers off last night. As it turned out, the Skankies appear to need to spend a few more hundred million on relief pitching that can get them to Mariano Rivera. Game 6 of the tournament in the Bronx (the house that the citizens of New York, including those laid off, subsidized). There's nothing quite like corporate welfare, is there, amici?

Sarah Jessica Parker … always one to keep himself in the news, the President has appointed a new mini czar to his Committee on the Arts and Humanities. I’m not sure how that makes those out of work feel, but it probably goes a long way to paying off his debts to Hollywood.

Kate Gosselin … in equally important news, this broad confesses that she was very hard on Jon. Just who these people are remains a mystery to the ugly one, but I saw it on Google News (close to the Arts & Humanities Committee story so I figured it was important). Surely, since she’s so apologetic now (according to the article), she too is deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.


and the DOC says ...

Hey Chaz,

I guess I turned too soon. I figured you were drunk and forgot I was back there and we would both end up at the train station in Staten Island. The only difference being that I did not want to go to Staten Island. I got home at 8:35 so I didn't get as lost as last time.

I think we should add a new feature to Knucksline. The video of the week. One for me and one for you. You know, the rico suave', cosmopolitan redneck (me) and the left wing, knuckle dragging communist (you). What do you think? Country music vs. Opera... Comedy... movie clips. Do you think it's better if we embed the videos instead of giving the link? Just to clarify things, when I say "we", I mean "you".

For example, you could do your favorite aria from Rigoletto and I could do

What do you think?

I just saw Christie's acceptance speech. We've got problems. It looks like Christie's wife is Wednesday Addams all grown up. She is a definite whack job.