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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basketball … The Issues … Rock of the Week … and the DOC says ...


Basketball ... I don’t know about yous, but mostly I find the basketball coverage on ESPN annoying. Then again, I don’t give a crap about basketball until it counts (8 months from now).

Basketball coverage gets in the way of NFL gossip ... like the recent yarn about my beloved new york state buffalo bills going after Michael (the dog killer) Vick. That would pretty much do it for me, amici. I now live in Jersey but refuse to root for teams that have already proved they are traders (the two Moonachie franchises). I’m not sure what happens if the Bills start selling Michael (the dog killer) Vick jerseys ... but DOC was right in his summation of the Vick situation. He did serve his time (not nearly enough for Knucksline) and has the right to do whatever he wants ... the team(s) {Philadelphia}, however, should never put him back to work.

The Issues ... recently DOC complained about our editorial board’s ignoring the issues of the day. Frankly, we feel it has to do with DOC’s über right wing penchant for blood ... but we’ll follow through to keep him happy.

The Washington D.C. sniper has been whacked. Good. Knucksline wishes the piece of garbage who slaughtered innocents in Fort Hood a speedy recovery so he too can be whacked.

Knucksline does not, however, seek to imply what this piece of crap (Nidal) did in Fort Hood has anything to do with President Obama or his policies. Nidal was a terrorist, no doubt, but he’d obviously come to be one while in the Army and he was acting alone. At another blog it was pointed out to me (in the midst of our usual political tête-à-tête) that there have been other such incidents (including the Washington DC sniper whose sidekick mentioned they were engaged in “jihad”). No President can stop loons like that (or loons like Timothy McVeigh for that matter).

Loons are unpredictable ... well, most of them are. All you can do is try to find them beforehand ... and our lack of ability to tackle that problem is why Bill Clinton’s brainstorm policy to use the FBI to find terrorists a) worked so well [sarcasm intended] and just wasn't a good idea (not that invading a country was). Like I always say, let me know when the FBI finds Whitey Bulger ...

As to “socialized medicine” ... well, I’m all for it (so pass out the chicken soup), but I would put a couple of things in place before that happened; cleaning up the fraud in both welfare and Medicaid top the list. How is it we’re currently (and apparently have been for a very long while now) funding both welfare (the genuine and the fraud) and Medicaid (the genuine and the fraud) while both the Welfare and Medicaid Fraud Divisions remain understaffed? Doesn’t it make a little bit of sense to investigate EVERY SINGLE MEDICAID and/or WELFARE CLAIM (most of which can be done so by telephone) using people currently out of work? I’d make damn sure those two are significantly cured before asking taxpayers to foot the bill for anything. Once that’s done (the fraud is substantially decreased), healthcare becomes single payer (end of story).

Since neither major party seems interested in doing anything near this fix, Knucksline suggests voting for somebody else (preferably on the left but if enough of yous are as whacky as DOC, feel free to vote for the Libertarian of your choice). Continuing to give the two party system legitimacy is absurd.

As to unemployment levels ... again, Bush still owns those figures, but as for corporate welfare abounding, it was interesting to see how Maureen Dowd avoided placing any blame on the Obama administration the other day in her article about how greedy the bailed out banks are:

Goldmine Sachs, as it’s known, is out for Goldmine Sachs.

As many Americans continue to struggle, Goldman, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, banks that took government bailout money after throwing the entire world into crisis, have said they will dish out $30 billion in bonuses — up 60 percent from last year.

Maureen didn’t mention unemployment, but Knucksline doesn’t blame Obama for that. That one has everything to do with all the wonderful DEREGULATION Republicans introduced going back to Ronnie’s busting the air traffic controller union. That’s worked just great for the American worker ever since; outsourcing, especially [more sarcasm intended].

Rock of the Week ... oy-vey ... this one’ll be ugly. The Tennessee Tuxedos are regrouping and we suck. Lay the points and take the Tuxedos in a good old fashioned butt-whooping.


And the DOC says ...

Seems like an awful lot of Doc-bashing in Knucksline this week. Penchant for blood ??? Whacky ??? It’s unfortunate that we Micks don’t have the same hard line, public relations people that the Muslims do.

And the economy and the wars are still Bush’s fault? When will the Bamster get to own anything that happens on his watch? Or does he just get to do ridiculous, prep school “shout-outs” before announcing the brutal massacre of 13 American servicemen.

Next time we work out a bailout for the banks we should insist that the professors with doctorates in economics stay at the white house and shoot hoops with the Bamster. I want you there. It will go like this.

“Alright, just so yous know. I’ll lend you one billion smackeroos. When you pay me back, you pay me 1.3 billion smackeroos. If you want a few extra days, that’s fine... then yous pay me back 1.6 billion smackeroos. And of course it goes without saying that the U.S. now owns 20% of your company. Capische?”

Now that I think of it, Chaz, how come you only developed your Socialist tendencies after you left the rather profitable world of “Street Finance” ???

Your love affair of socialized medicine will last until the doctor explains to you that the amount of medicine necessary to cure your cake-swallowing, Buick-butt would take care of a family of six undocumented workers from Wazakistan. The Death Panel will put two big gauze bandages on your eyes and drop you off on the Jersey Turnpike at rush hour.

The only bright spot of the whole Hasan affair is that it happened in Texas. The Texans are well known for their two flavors of justice... Regular and Extra Crispy. But the Hoopster in Chief tells us, “Don’t jump to any conclusions.”

Well, thank you Fredo. Now, please explain to me what conclusions I could possibly jump to that aren’t absolutely, one hundred freaking percent true.

How’s that hope and change working out for you, Chaz?