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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ground Zero II … The Curmudgeon ticket … Really Going Rogue … and the DOC says ...


Ground Zero II … this one isn’t remotely funny. The idea that five pieces of shit will be brought to New York for a federal trial that can be held elsewhere pisses off Knucksline no end. Here's our position:

Whether this trial should be conducted by a federal criminal court or a military tribunal is up for debate. We believe it should be handled by the military, especially since they have been the ones responding to the attack on 9-11 ever since. It seems the Obama administration is handling this the way the Clinton administration did after the first attack on the World Trade Center; as a crime rather than an act of war. Many liberals argue everything the Bush-Cheney administration did regarding rounding up alleged terrorists was illegal (search and seizures, torture, etc.). They want to proceed to trial trusting the government’s case with what they assume will be untainted evidence (even after the confessions by torture, etc., are tossed out). Knucksline doesn’t see how that is possible. If they (the Bush-Cheney administration) acted illegally, why are we even bothering pursuing the case? Why aren’t these alleged criminals set free forthwith?

Ah, but there’s the rub (for liberals who argue it should be tried in criminal court). They not only want their cake (a trial by jury), they assume that the same alleged criminals that confessed after being tortured will be convicted. What happens if they're acquitted? We don't see how they can't be acquitted if everything Bush-Cheney did (by extension) was corrupt. What happens is some liberals get to eat their cake while the rest of us get to witness another tragedy of injustice.

Knucksline’s greater fear has nothing to do with any criminal proceeding (or the result thereof) and has everything to do with where they’re choosing to hold the trial. Why New York? Why place a big fat target on the city that was the number one target for terrorists from 1991 (under Bill Clinton, a Democrat) when the first attempt to bring down the Twin Towers occurred, through to 2001, when another terror plot was successfully executed (under George Bush II, a Republican)? New Yorkers aren’t worried about the federal courthouse or the jail where these pieces of shit will be housed during the trial. We're sure the five pieces of shit will be safe and sound. Those who traffic downtown New York City (like my wife and my son who work there and myself who travels through there twice a day) are more concerned about random acts of violence that might take place because the trial is being held so close to the original ground zero. On 9/11, a mostly Palestinian community directly across the Hudson in Jersey City danced in the streets while the Twin Towers burned and then collapsed. Yes, it was their right to dance (the cocksuckers) and nobody stopped them. It will be their right to do so again should these five pieces of shit get acquitted. It will also be their right to dance should one of their own (or anybody embracing jihad) decides to cross the river and take his or her turn at becoming a martyr to the same cause. Why tempt them? Why give them the opportunity? Why in New York?

Hold the trial in Kansas ... or Carthage, North Carolina ... or Guam ... or how about in Pakistan where you found the “alleged” mastermind of 9-11 (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)? How about leaving New York City out of it. New Yorkers more than paid their fare share. If President Obama wants to make a point, let him make it in Washington D.C.

The Curmudgeon Party … Knucks is forming a new political party … it is called the Curmudgeon Party. Unable to find a happy medium between the several different or too much alike political parties out there, he’s decided enough is enough. Knucks says: “Sometimes we need to be compassionate and do what we can for others and sometimes we need to kick people in the ass with a steel boot. We need national health care but not without cleaning up all the goddamn fraud first. Between welfare and Medicaid fraud, we give good argument to those conservatives who point to the government and say it can’t do anything right. Let’s clean up the fraud and corruption and go about the business of providing for those in need (and we all need health coverage)."

A very brief party platform for those interested:

The two wars: They’re over. Bring back our troops and apologize for all the Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani innocents inadvertently killed. Do what we can (if we can afford it financially AFTER we take care of Americans first) and wish those left in those countries we devastated sincere good luck. Both wars were a mistake. From now on when terrorists fuck with us, we’ll handle them without the use of troops and it won't be pretty.

Medicaid/Welfare/National Health Insurance: See above. Everybody works, even if it’s for the government (those able bodies currently on welfare get trained on how to uncover fraud in both welfare and Medicaid cases … and some go to work uncovering fraud), but EVERYBODY works (at something--even if just cleaning the streets). When the fraud is sufficiently removed, national health care becomes law, end of story.

Gay Rights: Done deal ... an amendment to the constitution guaranteeing the rights of gays to marry, divorce, adopt and do everything else the rest of us enjoy as citizens of America.

Education: no more social promotion. We’ll provide all the help we can within reason. Unless there’s some genuine inability to do so, either you learn to read and write or you learn to dig a ditch, but you don’t get to use the school system to hang out. Also, either teachers qualify and perform or they find another career. No more buildings in New York where tenured teachers on suspension get to read the Daily News and do crossword puzzles on our dime. Pay by merit, but we want teaching, not babysitting. See the John Stossel report: Stupid in America.

Athletics (in schools): If we can fund terrorists not to shoot at our soldiers overseas, we can sure provide enough domestic dollars to fund a broad athletic program at each and every school that wants one. Athletics keep a lot of kids off the streets and provide the discipline some parents can’t (or won’t) deliver. Athletics returns to American schools full throttle.

Immigration: Something has to be done to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, especially while we’re attempting to recover from the financial shakedown. Frankly, we're not sure how to handle this fairly, but we’ll figure it out and it won't take another century.

Banking Oversight: Remember all that crying Democrats did about banking oversight (even though they held the legislative controls since 2006)? Well, once they won the White House they seemed to have forgotten they’re prior public rants (Barney Frank, especially). Not a single piece of oversight legislation has been passed. Executive bonuses for bailed out companies has exceeded past bonuses by 60%. That in itself is criminal. Guess what the Curmudgeon party intends to do? President Obama stated “the party on Wall Street is over” then did NOTHING, NADA, ZIP (see SNL’s wonderful skit by Fred Armison) above. The Curmudgeon party, however, means it. If elected, the party on Wall Street really will be over ... and the next time they threaten to bring down the economy, we’ll nationalize them.

Knucksline takes a time out to congratulate Fred Armison for marrying Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) from Mad Men ... we love the show at casa Stella ...

Really Going Rogue … Knucks is considering a run for President in 2012 on the Curmudgeon ticket. The feeling here is anybody can do what our current president has done so far (nada, zip, nothing). Knucks may piss a few people off, but he'll get something done.

Stay tuned …


and the DOC says ...

I hate to say this, Chaz, but I tend to agree with you. The plan to have the 9/11 trial in NYC is so wrong on so many levels that I don't have enough beer to go through the whole list. Besides the incredible danger, I'm not sure we could get a conviction after all the ACLU lawyers descend upon the evidence and the somewhat questionable (to some) means used to collect it.

And how do we protect the jurors, during the trial and for the rest of their lives if they convict these clowns? Muslims have put out fatwas on cartoonists. What will they do to these jurors?

Will we have to lay bare what little we have of our intelligence gathering network in the Middle East in the interest of "facing your accuser"?

Remember when the muslims decided to "sway" the elections in Spain? What will they do in NYC to sway the verdict?

And all of this is being masterminded by Holder who basically forced pardons on the FALN terrorists. They turned them down the first time he offered them.

This looks like one of those times when we need Jack Nicholson "up on that wall", but no...we'll have Tom Cruise (Scientology's answer to Tammi Fay Baker). God help us all!

And while I am at it... screw you and your Curmudgeon Party. If I want more Socialism I'll just vote for Fredo in 2012. This Curmudgeon party just sounds like Obama in a pair of XXXXXL sweat pants. Bring back the Generalissimo!

Gay Marriage? I don't think most straight people should be allowed to be married. There is a popular former bookie on this blog who should never have gotten his marriage license. He's strictly a learners permit kind of guy.

I have never figured out why gays want to be married. Do they not realize that gay marriage begets gay divorce which begets gay alimony. Or maybe they are just swayed by all those guys in the gin mills six hours a night, seven days a week extolling the virtues of their beloved.

Go figure, Chaz