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Monday, October 26, 2015

Movie Reviews: A Wolf at the Door … Compared to what? … The GOP’s ongoing nightmare(s) … Homeland goes boring … The Affair is pissing me off too …


A Wolf at the Door … no, not Hillary Clinton, a very tough (in a good way) foreign flick about a cheating spouse and the consequences of his fun on the side that makes Fatal Attraction look like a Disney movie. There’s a back and forth flavor to this film that was wonderfully directed, a script that worked in so many ways as to humble lesser talents. No spoilers, especially with this one, but it is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Compared to what? The documentary airing on Showtime about Barney Frank offers an understand to much of the feisty Congressman from Massachusetts, including some deeper explanations about Dodd-Frank, the financial crisis of 2007-8, the art of compromise (as regards the title), and his personal relationship with his partner, Jim Ready. The ending is a moving one that shows a tearful wedding ceremony and celebration. Best line in the documentary comes when Frank is campaigning for Joe Kennedy and states: “Vote democratic. We’re not perfect, but they’re nuts.”

The GOP’s ongoing nightmare(s) … what has to worry the GOP more than The Donald himself these days is not the fact that religious whackjobs in Iowa have pushed his (so far) only significant challenger, Ben Carson (a bumper sticker for crazy talk), ahead of Trump in the polls there, it’s because those two are at the top of their polls everywhere. Falling by the wayside is the so-called smartest Bush, Jeb, and the long string of also running mainstream GOP candidates. It seems the only hope for the GOP these days comes in the form of a Senator with an abominable voting record (Obama wasn’t much better and/or worse) who just stated that he hates his job.

After the latest Benghazi hearing fiasco, to say the GOP has handed the Democrats (and Hillary Clinton) the White House is perhaps premature, but it sure does make me wonder about an ultra-left conspiracy theory; that it’s all a game already rigged for victory no matter which party wins; the difference in financial policy between the two parties is too thin for the true power brokers (banks) to really care who wins the White House.

Certainly Wall Street doesn’t seem concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Handling his second place showing in recent Iowa polls, Trump responded in his spoiled-brat-self typical fashion … by being a bigger jerk than when he’s winning. Life must be very tough if you’re a member of the Republican Party these days … Barney Frank wasn't wrong ... they are nuts.

Homeland goes boring … I watch this shit and The Affair because Sunday nights are my mental preparation for my most productive writing day (Mondays). Translation: I want my mind blank from entertainment.

I’m not sure how many times the writers of Homeland can get away with the same fucking formula (Carry off her meds/giving up her daughter/about to be killed, etc.), but the last two episodes found me switching to Sunday night football (talk about boring) … had the Lightning been playing on the west coast Sunday night, the problem would've been solved, but last night the Bolts were off. Apparently so were the writers of Homeland. I’ll give it one more episode before I walk away for good, but I really am tired of the routine. The other characters in the show have become much more interesting than the main one, which is a shame because Claire Danes is a terrific actress … except when she’s going through the Carry off and on again routine, which is GREAT if you're playing come bets on a craps table, but not a TV series.

The Affair is pissing me off too … not to be outdone pissing me off, The Affair has now so thoroughly confused me, I’m ready to walk away from that one too. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention (that happens quite often actually) but what the fuck was the deal last week (or was it two weeks ago?) with the scene outside a courtroom with Allison holding a baby? Was that Cole’s dream. Was it real? Are they trying to piss me off? Look, I’m a simple MF’er … just let me know what’s going on or I start to question my sanity. I’m there now, questioning it. I won’t question it much longer, okay?
The entire cast in this show is terrific (the oldest daughter is a standout), but I'm favoring Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) in a big way and was grateful for the episode with her last night ... the two other main characters (Noah and Alison) are putting me to sleep of late.


From AJ+ and Francesca Fiorentini … watch and learn …