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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A bad, bad word … The right to slam … NBC’s shilling for the DNC …


There’s a scene in one of my favorite movies, The Pope of Greenwich Village, when Eric Roberts’ (Paulie) car is towed by a hard-on of a traffic cop. During his internal struggle with being screwed, and having no power over the situation, at least at the time, Paulie says, “Cocksucker.” It comes at exactly 3:00 into the video below.

In that scene, at that moment, at least to my mind, Paulie is calling the hard-on cop any of the following: prick, scumbag, fuckface, piece of shit, hard-on, motherfucker, etc.  He chose to use the word “cocksucker,” probably because it holds some similar meaning for him (the character), much the way my calling Rex Ryan a “cocksucker” the other day summed it up best (for me). I could’ve called him any number of other names, but “cocksucker” happens to be my favorite curse word (although I have to be pretty pissed off to use it). See this interview by Len Wanner with me from a long time ago. He asked me what my favorite word was ... take a guess?
Like many bad words, “cocksucker” can have several different meanings. Perhaps the “several meanings” explanation was best explained in the movie, Donnie Brasco, when “Forgetaboutit” was put to the test.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a defense of the use of the word “cocksucker.” It is an explanation, a one-time only, probably the last time only, deal. If anyone is offended at my use of the word, I’m not sure what to tell you. I'm sorry if you're offended, but I'll probably use it again. I don't see a need to find other insults, especially when frustrated to the point of exploding (being a Bills fan will do that). I'd like to think I’ll think twice before using it in the future, but that would require my thinking a first time. When I use it in anger, off the top of my head, there isn't much thought going on, so I’d suggest to maybe look beyond the word more toward the character of the person uttering it. If you still feel it’s an offensive term at that point, and/or you feel the person using the word is expressing some hidden agenda (or outright agenda), you’d be wrong, but that too is out of my control.

Like many of the characters in my dopey crime novels, I often speak the same way they speak, and sometimes it isn’t pretty.

So it goes.

Now, I don’t need “bravo” for fighting political correctness. This isn’t about that. Nor do I need a “pass” from those offended. And if those offended can’t let it go, so be it.

Here now, end of lesson.

The right to slamthis has everything to do with my recent slamming of my beloved New York State Buffalo Bills. Loyal Bills fans often remind me of Democratic loyalists, willing to eat shit and smile about it. I’ve been a Bills fan since giving up my season tickets to the New York Jets (when they were a New York team/before they became Moonachie Green) … the Bills sucked then, and quickly became a semi-powerhouse in the NFL … semi because you don’t earn credit (not from me) for finishing 2nd 4 x’s in a row.  Many Bills fans were upset with me back then, mostly because I blamed the no-huddle offense for our failures. Today some Bills fans are upset with my criticism of a team with a historical record of ignoring black head coaches. We have a new owner now, and while I’ll give him a pass on hiring Rex Ryan and all the hype that went with Sexy Rexy, I won’t give the owner, and/or Rex, a pass after that miserable excuse for a post-game press conference where Rex more or less ignored 17 penalties (and our historical league setting status in that regard) while pointing at our “fight” and never give up attitude. What friggin’ game was he watching, one wonders. Fight? Really? We lost by 2 TD’s, right?

The point being, not only do I reserve the right to call Rex a “cocksucker” for the absolutely shit job he’s doing regarding disciplining his players, I also reserve the right to shout: “A quarter of the fucking season is gone and we’re less than mediocre all over again!”

Bada-boom, bada-bing. I’m still a Bills fan … but I won’t be concerning myself with their games again until they can prove they’re a touch more professional than the disgrace they’ve become regarding beating themselves with penalties.

NBC’s shilling for the DNC … wow, anyone catch the Today Show the other day when they held a town hall meeting for Democratic Front runner, Hillary Clinton? Of course the state where the town meeting was held was New Hampshire, where Bernie Sanders is actually the front runner, but, hey, they wanted to spike Hillary’s numbers after her SNL (another NBC show) appearance.
Democratic process, huh?
Here’s your girl, DNC … one of us ... the working class ... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ...