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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kyle Carey's new music video ... The GOP Twilight Zone … Free Stuff … The Pope and Ms. Davis … Next week in the NHL … This week in the NFL …


You know her daddy from our last blog post. Richard Adams Carey wrote an amazing account of a horrible day in August 1997. In the Evil Day: When Violence comes to one small town (in New Hampshire). Well, he has an equally talented daughter, and she has an angelic voice.

And here’s the release of Klye Carey's latest music video.

The GOP Twilight Zone … Oy vey, vey iz mir (roughly translated: “Oh, woe is me.” … and/or “Oh, shit!”) … so, yous ask, what the hell am I Oy veying about now?

Well, it hasn’t gone unnoticed just how anxious the Republican presidential candidates are to return to a state of war. It’s kind of mind baffling when you think about it for more than a few seconds. Some argue, me included, that it has been our imperialistic approach to foreign affairs in general that has led to one blunder after another, from Vietnam and/or Afghanistan to Iraq. And, sure, Libya counts too. As for our latest desire for regime change, this time in Syria, have any of the Republican presidential candidates bothered to research our influence in regime changes throughout history? What about the concomitant blowback we’ve often suffered because of it?

We like to claim that Iran is the leading sponsor of worldwide terrorism, yet some argue that we’re the ones doing the terrorizing. It’s not like Iran rests alongside Canada and/or Mexico. It’s across the friggin’ globe, far out of our sphere of influence and/or business. Those victimized by our military initiatives on their lands throughout the Middle East probably feel we’re the leading sponsor of terrorism.

Not so long ago we instituted a coup d'état in Iran to undo the nationalization of oil there. We installed our puppet, Shah Pahlavi (whom would later declare himself the King of Kings in 1967). That regime change worked just great (for us), but obviously not for those living under the tyrant, or there wouldn't have been an Islamic Revolution there in 1979. I’m pretty sure we don’t require seminars on how that’s worked out.

Regime change aside, we’re a country that has been at war 214 out 235 years. There’s been a lot of bluster coming from the GOP candidates, almost all of whom have never been in the military. The GOP primary has become a parade a macho muscle flexing. Even the single female in the race, Carly Fiorina, a woman who denies and defies facts with wild abandon, is ready to throw down. The question is, do they even know who we’ll be throwing down against should they get their wish?

The Russians are coming! … Now the Russia has taken the opportunity to flex its muscles in its more direct geographical sphere of influence (than ours), the GOP candidates and talk radio hosts seem to have lost their minds. I often turn on Mark Levin’s show during my drive home from work. I listen for the 3-4 minutes I can stand to hear his voice and/or insane rantings, but on Wednesday night this past week he was going ape-shit over Russian involvement in Syria. A guest on his show, some right wing female journalist, was fueling the fire regarding America’s inability to respond until we have a new president. Doesn't anybody in that party remember what happened to the Russians in Afghanistan?

I’m not sure if they understand what they were calling for when they insisted we have to show toughness. Going to war with Russia on their side of the globe? Hey, great idea!

Oy vey ...

I guess the GOP mantra goes something like this: We have to look tough, so we should engage in yet another war, perhaps one that could lead to a nuclear showdown.

Oy vey, Oy vey ...

The GOP frontrunner, The Donald, suggests we let the Russians and ISIS fight it out, and then we’ll “pick up the remnants.” Has anyone suggested to The Donald that the remnants could be the Russians?

Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy vey!

Frankly, listening to these candidates is akin to living in a twilight zone episode. It’s already a scary enough world, but just the rhetoric of these macho men and that single “Facts aren't fun” woman is terrifyingly naïve. I’m not sure where it ends, but it sure suggests to me that hawks of all stripes, whether they’re chickenhawks (i.e., most of the GOP presidential contingent) who chose to defer their personal opportunity to fight in Vietnam, and/or just hawks anxious to prove their toughness (i.e., Carly and Hillary), they should be ignored at all costs.

Free Stuff … Dear conservative friends (to include blue dog democrats): To be clear as to why at least some of us on the left prefer a democracy over an oligarchy.

1: Greedy People—We do not believe that those who have accumulated wealth are inherently bad people and/or necessarily greedy, but we don’t like the few making decisions for the many, especially when the methodology used to procure such influence comes from coin (i.e., Citizens United and legalized bribery).

2: We love—no, check that—we LOVE small businesses. We have no issue with people starting their own business and growing it so they can hire workers, earn a profit, and contribute to society as a whole. We do take issues with corporations that get to set policy (see above regarding Citizens United and/or the attack on unions), not to mention look to swallow small businesses. We feel workers should have a voice too.

3: We don’t really want “free stuff” … nor do we want YOUR stuff. It isn’t about redistributing wealth downward so the so-called lazy class can get free goodies. The problem is there has been a consistent redistribution of wealth since the Reagan administration, when taxes were cut for the wealthy, and then further cut by Bush (and now both Jeb Bush and Trump want to cut them even further). We see THAT as a redistribution of wealth. After all, we’re the ones doing the work (those of us employed). What we want, as stated twice above, is an equal opportunity. It isn’t just a coincidence that America’s middle class prospered most when taxes for the wealthiest tax brackets were set above 90%. Since Reagan’s “trickle-down economics,” followed by George Bush’s tax cuts, the highest marginal income tax rate has been dropped to 35%. How’s that worked out?

4. Work Ethic … Most of us already work for what’s ours, thank you very much, and most of us work pretty damn hard (two family members working two jobs, etc.) We don’t need “free stuff.” And those who aren’t working, aren’t lounging around because you’re handing out free stuff. More than likely, they aren’t working because in your never-ending pursuit of maximizing profits for fat ass board members enjoying cocktails before tee time at the country club, you’ve taken jobs overseas and left nothing behind.

5: Wars … we’re all for defending the country, but we’re no longer willing to defend the cherry-picked countries (usually having to do with oil) politicians owned by the 1% choose. Frankly, we don’t want to go to war with any country unless they directly attack us. The country of Afghanistan didn’t attack us on 9-11. Certainly Iraq had nothing to do with that attack. Regime change hasn’t worked for us going back to our covert coups in Syria (1949), Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Tibet (1955-70’s), Indonesia (1958), Cuba (1959), Iraq (1960-63), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1960-65), Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964), Chile (1970-73), Afghanistan (1979-89), Turkey (1980), Poland (1980-89), Nicaragua (1981-90), Iraq again (1992-96), Venezuela (2002), Iran (2005-present). What makes us think for a second, regime change in Syria will fare any better?

6: Social issues … we’re all perfectly willing to follow the teachings of Jesus as regards doing unto others as we’d have them do unto us … even the atheists among us, but YOU don’t get to interpret for US what that means (i.e., equality for all, including marriage, justice, etc.)

That’s pretty much it … for now.

The Pope and Ms. Davis … some of my liberal friends, including my wife (who I love like crazy), have taken issue with the Pope on his alleged embracement of Kim Davis’s plight regarding gay marriages. Although I wish the Pope didn’t support Ms. Davis’s born again whackiness, I also didn’t expect him not to. He’s a religious guy. While I don’t agree (or believe) in his religion and/or God, I can’t expect the guy to be an atheist. I mean, it doesn’t make sense, right? I’m happy enough the guy is taking gigantic steps toward a more liberal approach to the world (and his religion). The fact he’s being labeled a “communist Pope” by the psychos on rightwing talk radio gives me great pleasure. He’s addressing very serious issues regarding income inequality and the need for some restraint on capitalism gone wild. While I’m not a great fan of incremental change, no one can label this Pope’s church reform incremental change. So, come on, give the guy a break.

Next week in the NHL … October 8 is the opener (as far as Lightning fans are concerned). The Bolts will be taking on the Flyers in Tampa Bay. Last year I flew down for games 2-4 and it was a blast. This year, however, I’ll be watching from my perch alongside my trustee bottle of Chivas (opening day bottle), trusty pipe, and several dozen matchbooks. I’ll be looking forward to the new season and anxious to see how the Bolts do coming off last year’s incredible run that fell just short of the Stanley Cup. Expectations, no doubt, are very high.

Go Bolts!

This week in the NFL … Okay, so my first week’s picks were a disaster (can you here The Donald saying that?) … it wasn’t much better week 2 (although I kept it to myself) … but this week? Forgetaboutit, take Knucks’ picks and (if you're smart) ...  go the other way!

Tonight it’ll be the Wes Cravens over the Steelerettes, 24-14.

Dolphinations bounce back over the Yets, 28-24.

Pantherless over the Bubonic Bucs, 24-17.

Chefs halt the Bengalese, 30-20.

Coltless, barely over the Jagwires, 24-23.

Chargerless over the Brownettes, 40-20.

The Packing Co. crush the 9’ers, 34-16.

The Aints finally win over the Cowgirls, 19-16.

My beloved New York State Buffalo Bills over the Moonachie Blue team, 23-20.

Raiderettes over the Bearless wonders, 24-17.

Falconless over the Texas Two-Steppers, 24-13.

Eaglettes over the Skinless in Washington, 23-12.

Vikingless upset the Broncettes, 27-24.

Cards crush the Ramettes, 27-16.

And the Lions upset the Hawkettes Monday night, 24-22.

Here's Kyle Carey again ...