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Monday, February 22, 2016

What Trump will say that Bernie can’t vs. Hillary Clinton …


Bernie doesn’t play dirty. Even with all the ammunition he has at his fingertips running against Hillary Clinton, he refuses to take the gloves off and say what is obvious. He leaves it to the American people to figure it out, and although many of us are right there with him, many are not. Some people are either falling for the nonsense Hillary Clinton and her surrogates spew, or they’re too tied to the failed Obama presidency to want to see change … and/or they just don’t care.

So it goes.

While it’s not in Bernie’s nature to sling mud, let’s face it, slinging mud is right in Trump’s wheelhouse. I don’t know about some of yous, but I’ll take GREAT pleasure should the DNC continue to steal the nomination for their choice, Hillary Clinton, and she/they find themselves facing The Donald. Here are some things we’ll get to hear from The Donald vs. Hillary Clinton:

On trustworthy: She’s a congenital liar just like her husband. Ever notice how Bill used to wag his finger at the camera and the American people as if what he was about to say was the absolute truth? And then we find out he lied through his teeth. She’s the same way. From sniper fire in Bosnia—she likes to say she was sleep deprived when she said that, but she said it on at least 17 different occasions. She ever sleep? She lied about every position change she made and she was already caught a dozen times lying about the emails, Benghazi, ISIS, Libya. Please, you can’t trust her. Her own party didn’t trust her. Say what you want about the crazy socialist, Bernie was honest.
On taking money: Come on, look at how owned Hillary is. She takes money from everybody. I don’t need that money. I’m self-financed. I gave to her and she was at my wedding. I played the game when I was in business because that’s what you do. You give money and you get what you want. Either they don’t go after you or they ignore whatever you’re doing. Who’s dirtier than Hillary? Nobody, right. Give the crazy socialist credit. Bernie wouldn’t take money and he wouldn’t go after her directly about it. I will. I know how the game is played. Everybody does. She’s owned. She’s always been owned.
On being a politician: Look at how badly the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a whack-job socialist, but he was honest and the DNC ran total interference against Bernie and made it impossible for him to win. The RNC tried that with me, but I’m too popular so it didn’t work. Bernie was unknown before the primaries so he had to catch up and the DNC made it impossible. Hillary is their choice to run for the white house and she’s a terrible choice. The people running the DNC are just like the people in the White House – all incompetents. I’ll destroy Hillary Clinton like I destroyed all the other politicians. I have to be one now, but people know I don’t need special interests. I don’t owe anybody anything. I’m doing this for the country, to make America great again. Hillary wants to be the first woman president. We all know that. Besides, who's not tired of the Clintons?

On her record: She likes to talk about her record. Evaluate me on my record she's always saying. What’s her record? There are Youtube videos with 28 minutes of her scandals, one after another. And she might be indicted for the emails on top of all the other things. She might be elected president and then get indicted by the FBI. What happens then? I thought Ted Cruz had a problem.

On the emails: Who’s kidding who about this. General Petraeus was forced to resign over his mistakes with government information with his girlfriend. Hillary let the entire world see the business of the government. She should be in chains.

On foreign policy: Iraq, Libya, Syria … come on, how many mistakes are we gonna have to live with? She’s the worst secretary of state in the history of the country.

On jobs: Her husband enacted the worst ever trade deals and she supported them. She was still supporting TPP and called it the gold standard before that whacky socialist pulled her to the left, but let’s face it, if she doesn’t get indicted and wins the presidency, she’ll go right back to all the positions she had before she flip-flopped.

On Race relations: Who said her husband was the first black president? What drug was that person on? He did more damage to the black community than anybody. I’ll put people to work. Hillary will put them in jail because she takes money from private prisons, from everybody.

On Sexism: She’s called me a sexist, remember? And then I pointed out how she’s married to a guy who’s had to settle for big money, a sexual assault case. A guy who perjured himself lying about screwing around with a 23 year old intern while he was supposed to be doing the business of the president. A guy who’s been involved in more sexual scandals than a rock star, and she helped to denigrate each and every woman her husband attacked sexually.


Youtube on Hillary …