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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Promise of Water … RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS … DNC Corruption in Iowa … Tommy Red ... Super Bowl Prediction …


The Promise of Water, by Andrea Crossley Spencer … a terrific read that involves a missing twin and a search for self-identity. Nate Bishop is returning home to Minnesota after his twin sister has gone missing on Lake Superior. Nate has both personal and business issues back in California that involve a failing relationship and an unscrupulous business partner. These issues are on his mind as he tries to come to grips with the possibility that his twin sister, Nora, is lost forever. They’ve been close siblings with a dark past he’s fought to forget, but can never ignore.

When he learns Nora set sail with a new boyfriend he knew nothing about, the possibility of foul play begins to haunt Nate. He touches base with old friends and girlfriends from his youth and the peeling of the onion begins; each new detail compelling us to turn the page as fast as we can read.

As some of the equipment of the Seachant, Nora’s sailboat, are found along the lake’s coastline, the outlook appears grim for Nate’s sister and her boyfriend. But what if something else might’ve happened? Turns out Miller was married … was he running away? Were they running away together? Nora recently applied to adopt a boy orphaned by his parent’s sudden tragic death. Nate was unaware of much of what was going on in his sister’s life and he’s determined to learn what he can, whether it’s by listening to old phone messages or rummaging through her possession in her home.

No spoilers here. The past isn’t always as we’d like to believe, or as we sometimes force ourselves to forget, and as the layers of this beautifully told novel are removed, a complex story of self-identity and family takes hold.

The author has an impressive resume, which includes the following: Excellence Award, Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Communicator Award of Distinction, International Academy of Visual Arts. Runner-Up, 2013 Whidbey Emerging Writers Contest. Finalist, 2014 Great Novel Award. Semi-finalist, 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom Novel Award. Semi-finalist, William Van Dyke Short Story Prize. Honorable Mention, New Millennium Writers Fiction Award. Winner, 2014 Gotham Writers’ Very Short Story Contest. 2016 Caledonia Novel Award Short List.

The Promise of Water is a winner, start to finish.

RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPTS … It was the highlight of the night as far as Bernie supporters go. Chuck Todd asking the question heard round the world; the one we never in a million years expected he’d ask.

“I will look into it,” Clinton said.

Translation: Fuhgetaboutit!

We suspect those transcripts are at the bottom of the same ocean as her deleted emails. Let’s just say most people probably find it implausible that someone who takes MILLIONS of dollars from Wall Street, Big Pharma, Insurance companies, and all other corporations, including private prisons, the same people she “claims” she’ll go after, probably isn’t going to go after anyone. Certainly during Clinton’s carpetbagger stint as Senator of New York, nothing at all happened as regards Wall Street regulation proposals, much less actual legislation. And we’re sorry, but shaking your finger at them and shrieking (in that way she has): “Now you cut that out!” … Well, that just isn’t going to cut the mustard for people with functioning brain cells.

No, we think it’s pretty unanimous. She’s owned.

DNC Corruption in Iowa … we all feel it’s safe to say that Bernie won Iowa and that the corruption involved in the caucusing process there was as blatantly obvious as what the DNC has pulled throughout their campaign to nominate their choice for the American people. The Des Moines Register, a paper that endorsed Hillary Clinton, used this headline after the caucus: Des Moines Register calls for audit of Iowa results: “Something smells in the Democratic Party.”

We all know who has been there setting up a ground game organization forever, and we all know how the Iowa Democratic Party apparatchiks (sycophants) feel, since the new head of the party in Iowa, IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire, drives around in a car with the license plate; HRC2016.
Yes, WHAT THE FUCK? And she’s refusing to do a recount. Gee, I wonder why?

For those who ask BernieOrBust supporters how they can ever imagine voting for Jill Stein, or staying home on the night of the general election, should the DNC prevail in their never-ending attempts to sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign (and no matter what Senator Sanders advises or who he endorses in that event), the above is but one of the many reason we feel to vote for a Democratic nominee other than Senator Sanders would be to reward the EXACT corruption he’s fighting against. If anything, it would be our first disappointment with the Senator, should he in fact endorse Clinton (should she get the steal). So, thanks, but no thanks.

Tommy Red, my newest crime novel, is now available for pre-order ... here's the background:

Tommy Dalton’s ex-wife is on an honesty kick with their daughter, Alysha. She tells her that her dad kills people. Which, of course, he does. But that’s not the kind of information he wants shared with his kids. Particularly now that he’s working on a new job. Dominick Farase, ready to testify against the Cirelli family, needs silencing. An ex-cop spots him and lets Gasper Cirelli know where to find him. Not a difficult job for Tommy Red. But the Cirellis get nervous about this one, and decide to remove all evidence of the hit including Tommy. More hits are called, and some of them get sloppy. A couple of FBI agents get involved. Frank Cirelli, Gasper’s son and acting head of the family, has to make some tough decisions. Sacrifices must be made. But as far as Tommy is concerned, the Cirellis make their biggest mistake when they fail in their efforts to take him out. A fatal mistake. Now he’s after the family--still trying to keep his daughter out of it, too, of course because when you threaten Tommy or his family, the only response is retribution.  The action takes place in three locations, New Hampshire (on and around Shutter--ah, I mean, Star Island), New York and Baltimore.
Tommy Red was born from a short story of mine in the collection of shorty stories from Baltimore Noir.
Charlie Stella’s on-target dialog spotlights mob efficiency in “Ode to the O’s.” — Library Journal
Charlie Stella’s mob story, “Ode to the O’s,” is brutally direct — Publisher’s Weekly
Charlie Stella’s excellent “Ode to the O’s” may not evoke Baltimore particularly strongly, but it’s a fine piece of crime writing. — Chicago Sun Times

Super Bowl Prediction … okay, what you’ve all been waiting for … my ability to NEVER get one of these right … so, without further ado … (drumroll) … (more drums) … (add the timpani) … Knucks says: Isn’t there a hockey game on tonight?

Oh, all right … Panthers by 12 … 28-16.


Still brings tears to my eyes …