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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Silence of the Dems (part deux) ...


While the Bernie Sanders campaign gains strength, and continues to surge off of the backhanded attempt by the DNC to subvert his rising popularity with their fugazy 48 hour suspension (an investigation they are unwilling to allow to continue), while corrupt endorsements like that of Planned Parenthood go by the wayside (it actually helped Bernie more than hurt him), the Clinton machine has resorted to their base instincts—to lie and lie often.

Yesterday they sent Chelsea Clinton out to tell lie after lie about Bernie’s Universal Health Care plan. She was called out on those lies (specifically, they were called “disingenuous and a lie”) by none other than corporate media/DNC puppet, MSNBC. Thank you, John Heilemann, for telling the truth about Chelsea Clinton’s lying on behalf of her Mommy. (see video below)

My question to Democratic loyalists (not Bernie supporters, we know where they stand—totally unafraid) is the following: Why the silence? “Some” of you “claim” to support Sanders’ liberal agenda, yet when it is attacked with absurd lies like the Clintons are now spewing about Universal Health Care, you remain silent.

How does a woman benefit more from Obama care than Universal Health Care? How does a single mother benefit more from anything other than Universal Health Care?

Sanders is coming to steal your Medicaid? Really? He’s coming to steal your health insurance? You won’t need fucking health insurance … how do they dare lie about stealing it?

Mainstream Dems are so afraid of … what exactly? Why do they remain silent versus the Clinton lying machine? We already know they shit their collective pantaloons when the DNC attempted a fugazi suspension (which it now fears an investigation of—Gee, we wonder why?) … we’ve already seen how mainstream Dems didn’t bark at the minus 19 debates from Obama vs. Hillary Clinton … nor did they seem to have a problem with half those debates being scheduled for NFL playoff Saturday nights. Nor are they calling for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down.

So, where are you Democratic Loyalists/Lemmings?

Lest you forget, while securing your diapers extra tight, this is what the corrupt DNC (and all you loyalist bedwetters have to fear) ... "us" … the Bernie supporters ... the BERNIE OR BUST movement … if you stand by and watch the DNC sabotage our campaign (for the only honest candidate in the race), we'll send YOUR choice into the LOSER column in the general. Make no mistake, we're not afraid ... we're not typical lemming democrats ... many of us aren't democrats at all ... many of us were "forced" to register (I was) as a democrat because of the fugazy and corrupt closed primary system ... but make no mistake ... you pull the rug out from under us with your corruption (6 debates, 3 on NFL playoff nights, a fugazy suspension, etc.), and you'll be short a few million voters come the general election. Jill Stein may not mind, but your girl Hillary will be sooooooooooooo pissed off.

So, maintain the silence and see what happens. Should Bernie win it all, you can thank us (you fucking cowards). Should a GOP lunatic win, you can thank yourselves (you fucking cowards). And should Hillary win, well the GOP wins anyway (you fucking cowards).

Now, yous have a nice day. Keep those diapers good and tight.