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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bernie snares a LEGITIMATE endorsement … now it’s time to make the BIG PUSH!


Yesterday, the progressive grassroots organization that speaks to liberal causes, MOVEON.ORG, endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. Like the nurses’ union endorsement, it’s one of many legitimate endorsements Sanders has received. Please note: Legitimate as opposed to those the Clinton campaign has garnered via huge corporate campaign contributions, and/or nepotism, and/or political connections.
By now most of you know how Planned Parenthood broke its 100-year tradition of NOT supporting a presidential candidate when Cecile Richards, president of the organization, endorsed her very good friend, Hillary Clinton. Like most Clinton endorsements, there’s a backstory that smells of corruption (Richards’ daughter has worked for the DNC and is currently working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign). We call that a “no shame” endorsement.
The PP sudden and unusual endorsement sent shockwaves through the Sanders campaign, sending many of his supporters online to bark at the Planned Parenthood Action Facebook Page. How do I know this?
Well, as it turns out, someone on that page attempted to take me off the page by claiming a cartoon I posted was a “nude.” Facebook contacted me about the complaint and stated it would review the complaint and get back to me.  When they did get back to me, all was right with the world … and whoever put the complaint in was eating some extra humble pie.
Here’s the cartoon. It speaks to her so-called call to feminist arms ... her recent statement: "victims of sexual abuse should always be heard." Well, yes, of course. We agree. We know Bernie agrees ... but what about ... well, you know, Bill Cosb--I mean, Bill Clinton?
Now that the media can no longer deny the BERN, we can expect the longer knives to appear from both the DNC and their choice for President, Hillary Clinton. So far, pretty much everything they and she have tried has backfired in a major way (sending Bernie supporters to their checkbooks for more contributions and the Internet to decry the DNC’s corruption). It’s a close race and it will require people REGISTER AS DEMOCRATS in closed primary states to vote for Bernie, and then THEY HAVE TO SHOW UP so that the numbers cannot be denied (which we all know is something we can never put passed the DNC’s corruption).

I had to register as a Democrat in New Jersey and although I held my nose when I did it, I knew it was the ONLY way to vote for Bernie in a closed primary state (another party politics hijacking of democracy).
In the meantime, the BERN is being felt nationwide now and none of us can let up. Keep applying the pressure … talk politics at every opportunity … so what your family and friends roll their eyes and wish you were in a coma? Mine run for the nearest exit. Tough (on them) … talk to people in the street, neighbors, anyone you know who is a working person and/or struggling to survive, the elderly, college students, ANYONE in need.
This is too important to ignore. Bernie is the first honest candidate for president without ties to a political machine and/or big money. He has no outside agenda (like making himself rich or leaving a legacy). Bernie is EXACTLY what Abraham Lincoln spoke to at Gettysburg:
A Government of the people, by the people, for the people.



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