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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Game 7 … Dave Mishkin … Merle Drown (free flash fiction) … Mike Callahan (published) … Baltimore … a TK game of Thugs … Special Prosecutors … St. Hillary … Obama’s TPP backdoor move (i.e., a Koch Brothers Wet Dream) …

GAME 7: All I can say is, “Whew!” While the wife played in Harry Potter land, it was me and Rigoletto left to BE THE THUNDER at Casa Stella Wednesday night. The poor creature is blind as a bat and was in a bit of shock when Cally fed Coburn the game winner early in the 3rd Period … suffice it to say, Momma Stella could hear me in Staten Island.

Rigoletto looked left, right, back and forth, and must’ve thought: How did they ever let this lunatic out of a nuthouse when he was a kid?

The ultimate compliment … so, early on in the game, I’m not sure if it was Mike Emrick who said it, but the description went something like this: “Callahan is a Pitbull behind the net.” The wife constantly calls me a pitbull (because I refuse to lose an argument … and some other stuff) … it’s an honor to be considered a Cally wannabe! Tenaciousness, baby. That’s what it’s all about.

And now it’s on to the inferior bagel town, Montreal, to seek revenge for last year’s sweep (when we didn’t have Ben Bishop in goal) … this year the Bolts were 5-0 vs. the Expos, but the game has proven to me that the playoffs are a very different animal. All I know is I can’t wait until this one starts … so, GO BOLTS!
Dave Mishkin … I used to love Sam Rosen’s voice (still do), but Dave Mishkin has the best hockey voice in the world … EVER. Listen to these calls. A little past midway is the start of the Bolts first goal, but listen through to the end … he’s incredible.
Merle Drown … new (and free) Flash Fiction from one of the greats …

Our review of Merle’s latest, Lighting the World, here:

Get Lighting the World here:

Mike Callahan … while his younger brother, Ryan, moves into the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Mike Callahan (click on link for TK’s feature on him) adds more to his own long list of accomplishments … Mike landed a position as a columnist in Lawn and Landscape magazine, the biggest landscaping magazine nationally. His first column was well received. Mike says, “Go Bolts!”

Baltimore (the frenzy of the moment) … is anyone really surprised that yet another video exposing police brutality (and possibly murder) would make a city suffering from decades of neglect, unemployment and systemic criminal injustice find itself a war zone? Baltimore is no different than any urban area in the country, and when another police officer is caught on camera doing something like shooting an unarmed man in the back, taking part in a gang-like pummeling, punching a woman in the face, etc., then we can expect more of the same response. You shit on people long enough, they’ll fall victim to the frenzy of the moment.

Part Deux of A TK Game of Thugs … yous choose the thug from the videos below. Maybe President Obama can reassess his calling those caught on film in Baltimore thugs … or maybe just call the cops in the videos below the same thing?
Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

Which one(s) are the thug(s)?

And then there are these:


I don’t post those to show how bad the cops are, because obviously not all cops are that bad. I do post it to show how bad cops can be, and obviously, it has taken video cameras to see for ourselves. Now, imagine how many similar incidents were and/or are never caught on video? Which leads to …

Special Prosecutors … Police aren’t willing to flip on each other for obvious reasons (they have the prosecutors CLEARLY running interference for them). The two work hand-in-hand and need each other. Having the police investigate the police is akin to a wolf guarding the henhouse. The Blue Wall of Silence is no different than what the mob used to swear by (omerta), except the mob (at least over the past 30 years) no longer had/has prosecutors in their pockets. It’s the process that stinks. Assign special prosecutors (who weren’t former cops) to handle charges filed against police. Make police wear cameras (for their sakes as well as the public’s sake). Hold police every bit as accountable as the public is held accountable, which means do not have 3 month investigations that normally take a week or two, end of story.

St. Hillary … she won’t talk about her missing emails or her possible plutonium connection/husband’s speaking fees/hidden donor cash and/or TPP, but give Hillary a stage and a theatre, and there she is attempting to woo African-American voters over Baltimore’s misfortunes. While the speech was well done and well received, one has to wonder if any of the African-American community remembers her campaign against Obama back in 2007, when Bill played the race card in South Carolina before that primary.

Read more about The Deafening Silence of Hillary Clinton here:

Obama’s TPP backdoor move (a Koch Brothers Wet Dream) … giving back to the corporations he’s done so well for since he took office (sorry Democratic loyalists, but those are the FACTS), President Obama tried the most despicable backdoor move in his presidency (and any in my lifetime) in support of corporations. Just watch the video below. This was a deal arranged by 60 corporate representatives and Mr. Obama.

So, my fellow liberals sworn to the Democratic Party, do real progressives a big favor and quit ass-kissing a President so anxious to repay favors to corporations while he (and they) take a collective shit on the working people of this country. You want us to get real? Yous get real. TPP is nothing less than a Koch Brothers wet dream, and making believe Obama isn’t behind this backdoor deal doesn’t change the FACT that he was.

You want real hope and change? Bernie Sanders … if Democratic loyalists would quit telling each other (and trying to convince us) how Bernie can’t win and just voted for the guy, they just might be amazed at the result … at the top of this blog is a quote by Nelson Mendela …”It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Think you had it rougher than he did?


We’ll feature more about Bernie when he officially announces … in the meantime, meet the ONLY candidate who refuses corporate cash and the ONLY candidate Jesus would support, Bernie Sanders.