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Friday, April 24, 2015

Game 5: Bolts vs. Wingless in Detroit … Tartan Noir (Len Wanner) … Hillary vs. Reality … Comic Book Movies?

Bolts vs. Wingless in Detroit through 4 games … what can one say? Exciting? Yes. Crazy? Absolutely. Pleasing? Well, two of the four have been, that’s for sure.

Wingless in Detroit Coach, Mike Babcock, summed up Thursday night’s game best: “We stole one from them in Game one and they stole one back tonight.”

Saturday’s feature (game 5) is back on home ice … hopefully the Bolts are still flying from that thrilling, albeit improbable, win the other night. Hopefully, the Wingless Wonders are still in shock. We’ll know soon enough.

Hockey has become my new first sports love and it has everything to do with team play and the full speed tenaciousness of the game. It’s made me bi-polar, no doubt … I suffer horrible lows when we lose and euphoric highs when we win … Thursday night I woke up most of New Jersey (and my wife) after being so friggin’ depressed I was drinking slow … slow turned to moderate after our first goal … when we tied it, I drank from the bottle … when we won it, I used two friggin’ straws.
Last night's Strangers game had to be one of the better games I've ever watched ... incredible defensive hockey from both squads. I'll give credit where it's due ... they earned the 2nd round match-up.


Tartan Noir … Len Wanner has put together a brilliant collection of Tartan dark … what’s Tartan, yous ask?
From Google: Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns.

A fascinating, scholarly but highly accessible study of Scotland's world-renowned Tartan Noir literary movement, examining a number of high profile best-selling crime writers, from William McIlvaney, Stuart McBride, Caro Rasmay and Ian Rankin to Val McDermid, Quintin Jardine, Louise Welsh and many others. Based on the author's own research and in-depth interviews with many of the writers covered, Wanner delves deeply into what characterises and defines the Scottish police procedural and psycho killer novel at the heart of Tartan Noir, whilst also looking at the traditions and influences from wider Scottish literature. Doing for Tartan Noir what Barry Forshaw's ground-breaking Nordic Noir did for Scandi crime fiction, Len Wanner's book will be a fascinating companion for crime lovers and students of literature alike.

Mine is ordered for review shortly after the release. Let me tell you, amici, Len (unlike Moi) is about as scholarly as one gets …

Publisher: Freight Books
ISBN: 9781910449080
Hillary vs. Reality … The hysteria has already started from loyal Dems … “How can you possibly not vote for Hillary?” they ask. "If you’re a true progressive, how can you let the GOP win?"

Just look at that picture above. “What did I do?”

Oy vey … Basically, what the Dem loyalists are asking/saying is: So what she’s a scandal a minute, corporate sellout, does whatever she wants whenever she wants (just like the corporations that own her), ignores every and any regulation and/or law in her way, will say or do anything to get “her turn” … sure she can’t be trusted as far as you can toss a 4,000 pound anvil … she’s still our bad girl and our bad girl HAS to be better than the other sides bad guy!

Sorry, but that just doesn't pass the smell test … nor does she.

Her supporters are making a valid statement. “There isn’t one single shred of evidence she did anything wrong,” they claim.

Hmmm, shred of evidence … could that shred of evidence possibly be in one of the missing (or shredded) emails?

Look, if Bernie doesn’t run, Charlie doesn’t vote. But I’ll have a blast watching (and commenting on) the entire so-called election process. What is really a fiasco, Alex. If the Dems want people like me back in the fold, they’ll have to grow a pair … like an old football coach (Yaker) of mine used to say: “It’s as simple as that.”

And when Bill O’Reilly speaks up for Hillary (he claims he hates “left wing hit jobs”/ she claims it’s a “great right wing conspiracy” seeking her destruction), well, that should tell you all you’ll EVER need to know about whether or not you should demand that YOUR party demand she recuse herself from “her turn” ... and that they find someone with at least the sniff of respect (and/or decency) to present as their champion of working men and women. So long as they let her kiss up to Goldman Sachs and apologize for anti-Wall Street rhetoric, well ... thanks, but no thanks.

According to a piece in Politico Magazine, former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, had some harsh words related to progressives in her $400,000 speeches for Goldman Sachs and friends. Clinton decided to use her speaking opportunity before the super rich to attack those criticizing Wall Street and its numerous criminal practices.

Is that too Red State for you?  Try this version (click on link) Try not to laugh out loud when she claims they came out of the White House "dead broke."
Seriously, Dems, that’s the person you’re trying to convince liberals to vote for? You’re trusting HER to help working families? And you want us to wake up? Do you really believe she won’t cave to a deal with Republicans and appoint another business friendly Supreme Court Justice?

Good luck with that ...

Comic book movies make me upchuck my pablum! This is what I tell my wife and my kids … and everybody else … they think I’m a true curmudgeon when it comes to my distaste of multi-million dollar movies about friggin’ comic book characters. Oy vey, vey iz mir … Sorry, but I just can’t do it (watch one of these silly movies). I can occasionally have a 10 minute laugh at a clip of one of the older comic movies (Nicholson as the Joker—hell, I even quoted one of the lines as the epigraph to Charlie Opera (“This town needs an Enema.”). It takes place in Las Vegas (for the most part). But asking me to enjoy non-stop car chases, bombings, shootings, etc., etc. … while some putz dressed for Halloween saves the world? Well, that’s asking too much. Yeah, I’m probably a curmudgeon when it comes to Captain America, Batman, Superman, et al … it’s too silly for my tastes (this coming from a man who LOVED Popeye and all three Austin Powers movies … but does that disqualify me from mocking the choices my brats and wife make (over and over and over)? Who cares! Give me something I can at least make believe has something to do with reality, or make it a complete joke (Nicholson’s Joker), but until then I’ll be passing on the next installation of The Incredible Hulk and the collection of Avengers that make me shake my head in disbelief every time I see one of the trailers on television (or in the movies).

It’s also why I tend to watch far more foreign flicks than American movies … it’s got nothing to do with sophistication (remember, my first app upload on the new phone I’ll never use is a fart board) … I just find comic book characters as appealing as toe fungus.

I mean, come on … look at that silly shit above. I know they're getting millions, but how do they perform in these movies with straight faces?


Let's Go Bolts!