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Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Principessa … Sue Kennedy ... Movie Reviews … Deflated Deflategate? … Super Prediction …


Happy Anniversary, Principessa Dolcezza!

Susan Kennedy … another SNHU MFA graduate has some good news to share. Her short story Portsmouth Propriety has been published in LOVE FREE OR DIE, the fourth volume in the NH Pulp Fiction series, edited by Elaine Isaak and published by Plaidswede Publishing Concord. A couple of events will be held next month to celebrate the book's publication. Susan will be at the one on February 12 at Gibson's Bookstore at 7 p.m. and would love to see some friendly faces there! 


Copenhagen … the first of two movies I wasn’t sure I’d last watching and was more than pleasantly surprised. This one features an angry, arrogant, abusive young man (in his late 20’s) on a European trek with the intention of meeting his grandfather, a mysterious figure from his past. He’s with a friend who briefly abandons him to get married, but returns after he’s jilted. In an effort to read a letter written in Danish, our protagonist meets a mature young teenager (14) … as often as I’d thought I’d close the screen out, I wound up staying with it and in the end very much enjoyed this movie.  

Barefoot … the second of the surprises … another form of arrogance (perhaps a sociopath) always getting himself in trouble (gambling, etc.) winds up working in a psychiatric hospital (mopping floors) where he meets a recent admission, a woman with the mind of a child. There’s a reason for her situation that requires a spoiler you won’t get here. The protagonist is estranged from his very wealthy Dad (a kind of overused theme), but again, it’s the lady in the picture who made this one very enjoyable. Two very good feel good movies for me during the great blizzard that wasn’t. 

Deflated Deflategate?

FACT: The NFL has covered up issues in the past, including burning the SPYGATE tapes so nobody could ever see just how much BeliCHEAT was CHEATING … and anyone remember how it handled Ray Rice?

They’re letting this one go just the way everyone assumed they would … because of the BFF relationship between the Cheatriots owner, Robert (I hug wife beaters like Floyd Mayweather in my sky box while chastising Ray Rice AND we signed Aaron Hernandez when nobody else would, Kraft) … NOTHING WILL CHANGE THE ASTERISK LEGACY OF THE CHEATRIOTS, BELICHEAT AND, SORRY TO SAY, SHADY TOM BRADY.
Super Prediction … Either the Sea Pigeons bury the Cheatriots, 34-21 … or the Cheatriots earn yet another *ASTERISK* …
— Knucks
The official song of Malocchio … (for the Cheatriots) …