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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Marxist Pope … Inside Job … Capitalism (exposing the myth of the market) …


This year at Thanksgiving, my son Dustin said, “Why can’t you make a million dollars first, then blog about politics? You insult both parties.”

This is a smart boy, yous ask me, but I explained how being a millionaire a) probably isn’t in the cards for me as a writer or a word processor, and b) it definitely isn’t a priority in my life. Simply put, life is too short to hide behind potential book sales.

Now, that isn’t a knock on those who pursue millions. More power to them. I don’t condemn people for chasing their goals, whatever they might be. My beefs about our economic system aren’t attacks on America and/or the rich. They are criticisms one can reject, accept or contemplate. The Richard Wolf video near the bottom explains how our economic system needs to be challenged (what I believe). That doesn’t make me (or Richard Wolff) enemies of America. It makes us people unwilling to accept with blind faith what’s been shoved down our throats over the course of our lifetimes.

As far as alienating potential readers for sharing my politics, so it goes. If someone chooses not to read a writer (me) because of his (my) or her politics, I can only guarantee this: I won’t be cutting my wrists anytime soon.

What was it Al Capone said? “Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”

With that in mind, and with Pope Frances’ recent comments on the tyranny of capitalism, let’s get ready to rumble …

Pope Frances, a guy I’m liking a little more every single day, says unfettered capitalism is tyranny. Of course he’s right, but not only that, he managed to make the mouth that roared (Rush Limbaugh) accuse him of being a Marxist. Now that, amici, is way cool, and about as dumb a statement as they come. Marxists don’t believe in the wealthy sharing their wealth out of beneficence. They believe the wealth was disproportionately gained (i.e., construction workers who build a skyscraper were ripped off via a one-time only salary while property values increase to the exclusive benefit of investors who never stood a chance of falling off a 30 floor construction scaffold, etc.). But I digress …

The same way we’ve been taught throughout our younger school days that Native Americans were “savages” that had to be horded onto reservations, or the way we were NEVER told that our government violated EVERY SINGLE TREATY TO THIS DAY with Native Americans, we’ve also been told that capitalism was/is the system by which ANYONE can climb the heights (never bothering to mention at who’s expense they might be climbing those heights). So it goes … but just when you thought Tea Party Republicans would be celebrating the never ending incompetence of the Obama administration and how his screwing the pooch on his signature legislation will most likely make the next two elections (2014 & 2016) close races (if not Democratic disasters), one of their most prominent spokespeople manages to insult and potentially alienate the Catholic vote.

Way to go Rush … even my dear wingie friend, Doc Nyland (a Limbaugh devote) said, “Yeah, I like this Pope, even if he’s a frickin’ Marxist like you (meaning me).”

This after Doc visited Monday afternoon into the early evening, showcasing his latest way to make fun of me, by doing his imitation of eye-talians when Ann Marie came home. “Hey, Annie, how the fuck you doin’? I haven’t seen you in fuckin’ forever.”

In the meantime, this Pope has won me over … he seems like a guy who practices what he preaches, and seeing the world for what it is, a victim of capitalism run amok, makes him the numero uno Pope in my book.

Go Pope Frances!



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