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"It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Mr. Mandela … Kill the Boss Good-by … Detroit … A R.W.W. Greene … So Long Football … Chris Kreider … EAS … Momma Stella and the Marxist Pope ...



There’s nothing anyone can add to what this man went through and accomplished over his tortured life, but there a few of his quotes that seem particularly appropriate to me these days.

For those who think we’re stuck with a two party system: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

For those who don’t believe it takes a village: "A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of."

For my writer friends seeking their first publication: "Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do."

For those thinking about skipping college for the short money: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

RIP Mr. Mandela …

Peter Rabe’s Kill the Boss Good-by … a possible precursor to gangsters with mental issues (somebody say the Sopranos?) … well, maybe not, but close enough for jazz … the intro by Rick Ollerman is wonderful, as usual, and Rabe doesn’t disappoint. I first read him compliments of Mr. Ollerman when he convinced me to try the Italian novel by Rabe, The Silent Wall, reviewed here. It was wonderful. This one is half of the Starkhouse prize (there’s a second novel they publish along with Kill the Boss Good-by I’ll be reading next week. In Kill the boss, Tom Fell, the boss gangster, has lost it—his sanity ... and he's MIA (in a nuthouse) when the story begins. Another gangster (Panda) is grooming himself to take over … and he does by the time Tom is out. Tom isn’t so crazy that he can’t beat Panda, but then the warnings from the hospital aren’t heeded and Janice (Tom’s wife) becomes concerned. So does his right-hand man, Cripp. And so do the guys Tom reports to … so what happens is, well … read the book and find out. I can promise you this much, there won’t be a Soprano ending to it. You will have closure.

The courts have permitted Detroit to file for bankruptcy and it appears to be yet another vicious blow to municipal union workers. The estimate value of pension post-bankruptcy is as low as $.16 on the dollar. How would you like to learn that about your retirement? The city was mismanaged? So was Wall Street and they were bailed out carte blanche.

So, the question becomes: will this President find a way to restore the other $.84 cents to union workers shafted by bad management and the courts, or will he do what he usually does for union workers, which is nothing?

I doubt the shafted workers will want extra money to give themselves bonuses the way the CEO’s on Wall Street gave themselves bonuses. I suspect they’ll take whatever this President can do for them. So far, this President hasn’t done squat for anybody outside of Wall Street.

Oh, right, the auto workers; he saved their jobs … well, he should get credit for that (up to a point), most auto workers were protected from the bailouts, but so was management (even more so, since they were permitted to reward themselves with big bonuses for fucking up). The bottom line is, like the white collar workers President Obama ignored on Wall Street and everywhere else, other workers were ignored as well. Many of those who supplied GM, et al, took the brunt of the burden … see link: Biden will no doubt be seeking plaudits from the working class types who populate this prototypical Middle American community. There are some waiting for his arrival, however, who likely want to give him a piece of their mind. You see they worked for Delphi, the primary auto parts supplier for GM. They were not members of the United Autoworkers Union. Obama's auto bailout, as this short video produced by Let Freedom Ring, where I am a senior fellow, explains, didn't work out so well for them.


Obama didn't stand by them. Obama didn't bail them out. Instead, he cut them loose, costing them their pensions, their health benefits, and their life insurance. By some estimates, close to 20,000 Delphi employees were harmed, not helped, but harmed by what Obama did.

Yes, this is what our new Pope is referring to, make no mistake. Capitalism has sought its natural level and greed has won out—it couldn’t happen any other way. The forming of a two class system began the minute Ronald Reagan was inaugurated ... and NONE of those who followed him, neither Republican nor Democrat, did anything to change the direction of our current income gap. Welcome to the third world.

Richard Wolff on Detroit:

And while we’re on President Obama … let me get this straight: Not only did he take a $400,000,000 million job out of the country (while Americans continue to suffer from high unemployment), he gave the no-bid job to his wife’s friend from college? Didn’t he ever hear of

And after his wife’s Canadian friends screwed it up, he authorized another $100,000,000 for the same friends of Michelle to fix the problem they created?

Holy Corruption, Batman!

Still think this emperor has clothes?

Vote Green, Socialist, Communist, Libertarian … whatever floats your boat, but quit kidding yourself (or stop dicking around) with either major party … useless as tits on a bull to working men and women.

If you think it’s impossible, remember Mr. Mandela: "It always seems impossible until it's done."

The NFL ends last week. I just can’t take it anymore … my beloved New York State Buffalo (by way of Toronto) Bills managed to blow an easy one against yet another southern team come north to play in a dome in another country. There’s no excusing this absurdity. The Bills’ players don’t like it, way too many Toronto fans wind up rooting for the other team, and it’s just dumb as rocks. So, as of last week’s double fumble to blow yet another easy one, it’s officially HOCKEY SEASON at Temporary Knucksline.

And last week saw my 2nd favorite Ranger, Chris Kreider (the kid I pulled for since I started watching hockey and Tortorella (the moron), kept sending him back down to the minors), he scored his first ever hat trick against, guess who? Right, Tortorella … and we’ve now signed the King until he’s 39 … so Go Rangers!

My granddaughter ... Evelyn Amelia Stella ...

And for those who don't use Facebook, here's Momma Stella and the Marxist Pope ...

Me: Ma, I’m so psyched. The Pope is a Marxist!
MS: The hell are you talkin’ about?
Me: Pope Frances. He’s a Marxist.
MS: What’s a Marxist?
Me: Well, according to Rush Limbaugh, anybody who gives a fuck about anybody else.
MS: Watch your mouth, you stupid ass.
Me: Limbaugh is a douchebag. Basically, he’s calling the Pope a communist.
MS: Isn’t that what you are?...
Me: No, ma, I’m a Bills fan.
MS: What?
Me: I’m a social-democrat, but you can call me a socialist. Limbaugh would say I’m from Pluto.
MS: (looks at me like I have 6 heads) Moron, what are you talkin’ about?
Me: You like Pope Frances?
MS: I love him. He’s a real Pope. He cooks his own meals, drives his own car, pays for his meals.
Me: And he roots for the Buffalo Bills.
MS: Alright, shithead, enough with the Buffalo Bills.
Me: All I’m sayin’ is, the douchebag, Rush Limbaugh, called Pope Frances a communist.
MS: So, fuck him, Rush Birnbaum.
Me: Limbaugh.
MS: Whatever.

I love my Mommy!


Since work is the subject these days … Largo al factotum …

John Lennon … Working Class Hero …