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Friday, August 24, 2012

A TK Presidential endorsement …


Well, let’s not get crazy. Temporary Knucksline’s editorial director/janitor is as enthused about the two clowns running for President as he is about getting his fingers caught in a car door. Neither major candidate inspires; both lie through their teeth and both are totally beholding to their particular special interests (Obama had Wall Street last election, Romney has them this go). The single advantage Mr. Obama has over Mr. Romney in the “beholding” department should come from reelection; he would owe nobody anything … except that would be kidding ourselves. He’d still owe the Democratic Party that promoted a community organizer with as little experience in dealing with actual problems as an infant confronted with a rubix cube. And don’t WE (the tread upon) know how debts have to be paid (even if they’re not ours)?

And let’s not forget Citizens United and all the democracy THAT particular disaster has brought “we the people” … this presidential campaign has already outspent the last one less than 4 years ago and has climbed above $500 million with 70 or so days to go.

So, here we go again … another lesser of two evil choices for those who will vote … and here’s why …

Romney … the master of the flip-flop, he’s walked back just about every single policy and/or social position he’s ever taken and he continues to say whatever the crowd standing in front of him wants to hear. The single decent thing he did in Massachusetts (Romneycare), even after writing an editorial stating it would be a good model for the country, has become the ghost in his rearview mirror (sort of like Ayn Rand has become to Paul Ryan). While Romney runs away from his prior positions on healthcare, abortion, gun control, immigration, government mandates, the minimum wage, stem cell research, campaign spending limits, Ronald Reagan, hunting, etc., etc., he champions the cause of democracy and freedom throughout the world; so much so, he seems awful willing to go to war with Iran (and anybody else the right wing happens to be salivating over on any given day). TK finds it interesting how much of a patriot Mr. Romney has become as his cash coffers (here AND ABROAD) swell by millions each year (not that he’ll show you how much on his tax returns going back further than 2 years—he doesn’t listen to his Daddy). During Vietnam, Mr. Romney found solace with 4 military deferments as a missionary in France (how convenient). And since he’s been running for President (the last 8-10-12 years), not one of his super patriotic kids seems to feel our wars are worth getting out of their comfortable beds for (and lord knows, they’re probably relieved as all hell we’re a volunteer army now--imagine having to play missionary for 10-12-16-20 years?). It’s not that Mr. Romney doesn’t care about poor people (as he stated on national television). They, too, serve a purpose—like fighting the wars the wealthy in this country engage us in. Serfdom never had such a noble cause. Romney is all for war and he’ll send your kids to fight them without blinking an eye.

Obama … he’s charming enough to be a casino host and he sure has the partying and campaigning part of the executive office down pat. His setting back labor 100 years is a huge strike against him here at TK (his no-strings-attached bailout for Wall Street in 2008 protected the 1% and ignored the rest of us). One has to wonder how union leaders across this country can ask (never mind demand) their rank and file support a guy who turned his back on them more than a few times (Wisconsin once … then twice …). His ties to Goldman Sachs (they were his biggest contributors in 2008) were obvious enough (cabinet appointments, etc.), but two weeks ago when his Justice Department let Goldman Sachs off the legal hook (finding no criminal fault in what happened on Wall Street back in 2007-8) … well, let’s just say, HOPE AND CHANGE MY ASS. And it isn’t like Mr. Romney is the only one anxious to send others off to fight wars in Afghanistan; a war that has become absolute insanity on a continuous, never ending, loop. One can only hope that the floundering (and wasted time) of his half-assed health plan while working with a majority in both houses was a lesson well learned, but unless he can win both houses back this November, what can anyone possibly expect to change? Sarah Palin turned out to be a certified moron once she had to explain the talking points she managed to memorize, but even she STILL can point and say: “How’s that hopey changie thing workin’ for ya?”

So, here we are, 70+ days away from the most expensive presidential election in the nation’s history (thank you Supreme Court for your Citizens United decision—a.k.a., money talks and bullshit walks). Temporary Knucksline asks you to support any party other than the two mainstream puppets of the 1%, but we’re not as stupid as we look. We know yous will either not vote at all or you’ll vote for one of the two clowns representing the two major parties. To that end, and for the following reasons:

Romney roof-racked his dog (who the fuck does that?). His choice of a very scary Paul Ryan (who was/is an Ayn Rand disciple, at least until the Catholic Church reminded him she was pro abortion—now he just likes her economic philosophy, (i.e., greed is good)), also co-sponsored an anti-abortion bill with Todd Aikens wherein “forcible rape” was a definition … so WOMEN BEWARE.

In fact, religious zealots beware …

The Principessa Ann Marie was VERY dissatisfied with Mr. Obama’s allegiance to (and excusing of) Wall Street, as well as his neglect of unions, but she has sprinted to the Democratic Party (with a bullet) because she is rightfully afraid of Paul Ryan and the new Republican Party (enough to vote for the lesser of two evils).

Not only is she afraid of the Romney/Ryan war on Women, my wife also happens to fall into the Paul Ryan Medicare “those under 54, go fuck yourself club.”

I’ll probably stay home and watch reruns of Game of Thrones, but the advice here today is avoid anyone who roof-racks a dog and/or chooses a running mate straight out of the 17th Century.


If yous are unfamiliar with Ayn Rand … well, she wrote a very HUGE best selling novel … or, as William Buckley described it: “1,000 pages of ideological fabulism” … and which Mr. Buckley had to “flog himself” to read ...

Somehow this never seemed more appropriate …